This is the best sound to wake up (according to science)

It doesn't matter that you alarm clock Illuminate your bedroom with the force of a thousand suns, that is a monocorte and annoying beep or that you have bought the classic with bells on the sides that comes out in the cartoons: when it comes into action the day makes you bitter because it means that you would have preferred to continue sleeping. In terms of health, the only alarm you should never use is your mobile alarm. In terms of bad mood and morning energy, the thing changes, and here the important thing is not the format, but the sound, and scientists have discovered which is the most suitable soniquete to start the day, especially if we are part of the large group of Spaniards who sleep fatally.

According to a study conducted by the RMIT University of Melbourne (Australia) melodic alarms not only wake us up faster, but make our mood better, even if we have slept fatally or we get up very early.

Apparently the chords of our favorite song or a melodic tune fight what scientists call "Sleep inertia", which is the reduction in alertness and cognition experienced up to four hours after waking up. Or what is the same, if you do not use the appropriate alarm, the hours after waking up you will not give foot with ball, which is worrying if your work demands a high concentration from the first moment of the day.

Do as Brigitte and wake up to the rhythm of some musical notes (and if it is in good company, better).

"If we do not wake up correctly, work performance can be degraded for a period of up to four hours, and that has been related to serious accidents. This is particularly important for people who could work in dangerous situations shortly after waking up, like firefighters or plane pilots, but also for anyone who has to be quickly alert, such as an emergency doctor or an ambulance driver, "he explains Stuart McFarlane, author of the RMIT study.

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Even if you are not a pilot or doctor or have great morning responsibilities, do not hesitate, choose your favorite song and use it from morning alarm. Those who wake up with you will appreciate your good mood early in the day, you will perform more when you get to work … and stop crashing alarm clocks carried by morning anger.

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