This is Kate Hudson's plan to lose what she has gained on Christmas

Christmas always carries with it a few extra pounds. There's no doubt. The average is between three and five. The important thing is not to get rid of them as quickly as possible, but to do it in a healthy way. These extra kilos are completely normal, even for celebrities. Kate Hudson He has not escaped the extra post vacation weight and has confessed through his Instagram account that he has fattened up

How much? 4,5kg which he plans to eliminate as a New Year's purpose. Without a doubt, famous or not, we all have (among many others) the same. In the video we can see the businesswoman getting on the scale and explaining that half of that weight will be liquid retention, so it will not be difficult to eliminate it in the short term.

The protagonist of "How to lose a boy in 10 days" wrote: "After the holidays I am in 62 … I always gain some weight! I would say that a kilo and a half is basically water, and since I have a muscular body, more weight due to muscle, but don't panic. Weight when we talk about muscle is always a very good number! "

Hudson explained that his ideal weight is 57 and he shared some exercises and menus that he will carry out to lose what he has gained. To stay, the actress intends to follow a plan of the famous 'Weight Watchers' program. What will you eat to lose weight? Celery juice and black coffee will be essential, and in its new diet will include roasted sweet potato and seafood, satiating and low-calorie protein.

The actress has not yet shared the results, but we have the feeling that she will soon, giving us motivation to start the year with desire.

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