This is how your body will feel if you stop drinking alcohol completely

During Christmas, it is likely that the body suffers from so many excesses with food and drink. In fact, it's very hard to say no to the feast that your family and friends have prepared with all their love and enthusiasm, but also to the drinks afterwards. And this can undoubtedly pose an added risk to your health, since excessive alcohol consumption causes serious problems for such important organs of the human body as the liver, the pancreas and, in general, the entire digestive system.

Possibly, among your New Year's resolutions, it is important to progressively eliminate all alcohol consumed during the holidays and return to The path of healthy life. Without a doubt, it is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Your body will thank you.

Even if it is in a few doses, drinking makes you feel more hungry and, on top of that, you opt for nothing healthy

Leaving alcohol, even for only one month, has always been linked to important positive changes in people's health. Not only to lose weight, but also to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease or even enjoy much more passionate sex. The magazine 'Eat this, not that' has brought together some of the immediate and progressive benefits of suppressing alcohol consumption. Surely they inspire and motivate you for the future, and above all, they will restore your willpower and vital capacity for change.

You will eat much less

This is one of the best known advantages, since regular alcohol consumption can increase appetite for calorie-rich foods. According to a study by the magazine 'Appetite', people who drank more than 250 centiliters of alcohol a day They ate 11% more than those who abstained. And in addition, they experienced more cravings for fatty foods. Therefore, even in a few doses, drinking makes you feel more hungry and, on top of that, you opt for anything healthy.

You will reduce the risk of liver damage and diabetes

'New Scientist' magazine did an experiment with 14 employees who liked to drink a moderate amount of beer. Ten of them left the alcohol for five weeks and the rest continued with their habitual consumption. After analyzing his blood before and after the experiment, a medical group from the Institute of Liver Health at the University College of London confirmed that the liver fat of those who did not drink alcohol (a clear predictor of liver damage) had dropped from 20 to 15%. Not only that, but the blood glucose levels of the abstemious, a key factor in detecting diabetes, also decreased by 16% on average.

You will sleep much better

Although one of the best known effects of alcohol is that it produces a mild sleepy sensation, it is totally false that it can help you enjoy a restful sleep. Many studies have been conducted to reach this conclusion. One of the most definitive is that of the journal 'Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research', which found that drinking before bed increases the brain's alpha waves, Nothing good when it comes to getting a restful rest. Therefore, from the moment you quit alcohol consumption, you will notice it at bedtime, and your body will feel fresher, more energetic, stronger.

You will improve digestion

Even in small doses, alcohol can affect your digestion very negatively, since alters stomach gastric acid secretion, as well as the ability of the stomach muscles to break down ingested food. When these functions are modified, digestion worsens. In addition, there are studies that ensure that if you drink during the meal, digestion can be delayed. It is also possible that excessive gastric acid production irritates your stomach.

You will be more hydrated

If you are usually used to having several beers or glasses of wine at home at night, you may want to stop drinking and replace it with healthier drinks, such as mineral water or a hot tea. Further, Alcohol is very diuretic, which means that it cleanses the body with water thanks to the urine. This means that by reducing the amount of alcohol you will retain much more water and thus you will feel much more hydrated, in addition to enjoying a balance of your electrolytes.

It will improve the condition of your skin

As we mentioned before, alcohol is a powerful diuretic that filters body fluids, which means that you will go many times to the bathroom. But unlike tea and coffee, which are also, Ethyl drinks decrease the production of the antidiuretic hormone that helps the body reabsorb water. You will also perceive that on your face: after a few days of abstinence, you will notice that your skin looks and feels more hydrated and not so dry. In addition, if you suffer from dandruff or eczema, becoming an abstemium will significantly improve the health of your skin.

Your heart health will progress

According to the American Heart Association, drinking alcohol can raise the level of triglycerides and harmful fats in the blood. This can cause fat to accumulate in the arteries and form plaques, thus causing dangerous heart disease. In addition, as we said before, consuming ethyl drinks will make you feel hungry and turn to less healthy or fat-rich foods. One thing leads to another, and unless you put a shortcut, your heart will suffer.