This is how you have to wash your hands to prevent a coronavirus (and flu, and cold…)

Let's start with a message of calm: if we are not doctors (who deal with all types of viruses in their day to day and are more likely to end up in contact with the coronavirus), we neither live with health personnel nor are we immunocompromised patients “it is not enough We are likely to be exposed to this virus. The immediate health risk of 2019-nCoV is considered low. ” Who says so is the Professor Rodney E. Rohde, an expert in infectious diseases and clinical microbiology, from the College of Health Professions at Texas State University in an interview with Elsevier Connect. And what he says, translated daily, means that if you don't belong to any of these risk groups, you can get a lot to protect yourself by forgetting about complicated masks and generalized hysteria and simply by properly disinfecting your hands. And how is that proper hand washing?

When to wash your hands: The recommendation is to do it especially after going to the bathroom, if you have been in contact with someone who is sick, before eating or cooking and after blowing your nose, coughing and sneezing (discarding the handkerchief afterwards).

What to wash your hands with: with water and soap. It seems obvious, but many people just rinse them with water and run away from the sink after using the bathroom, leaving their germs cool on the door knob. Don't be like them.

Washing your hands with warm water, soap and for 40 seconds is the method of prevention of many diseases (coronavirus included).

Use warm water and soap, rub with energy one hand against the other for 40-60 seconds (a minimum of 20 seconds, please) and pay special attention to the fingertips and nails, since more than 95% of the bacteria are under the edge of the nails. Don't forget to lather your thumb, wrists and the backs of your hands either. Then rinse and dry completely with a single use wipe or an air hand dryer.

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If there is no soap on hand you can use a pharmacy disinfectant gel (or a disinfectant wipe) whenever you check on the label that has a minimum of one 60% alcohol. Use the gel and remember to wash your hands with soap and water as soon as you have this hygienic measure available. To use it correctly you must apply it throughout the hand (not only the palms, also between the fingers). This resource is especially useful if you often use escalators or you travel by public transport because being spaces in which many people circulate there are many surfaces where germs wait for vacations until you touch them.

And the last tip is not to lose your temper. "Every year, thousands of US citizens (and many more worldwide) spread the flu, the common cold and other respiratory agents. Therefore, while we must pay attention to this outbreak of coronavirus and be prepared for any rapid change, we must keep the perspective, "explains the expert. We will pay attention … and wash our hands properly.

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