This is how the female body models high intensity training

Even though that him Crossfit and high intensity training are becoming more and more popular, there are still false myths that ensure that women should not practice high intensity training with weight One of the most popular is that the woman's body becomes wide and stocky.

However, there are no physiological, metabolic or biological reasons that lead us to think that a workout HIIT With weight it is more suitable for men than for women.

The benefits of HIIT for women

He HIIT that models the areas that most concern a woman should include bodyweight exercises to work the quadriceps, buttocks and abs in order to strengthen and tone the lower train.

It is known that high intensity training in combination with weight is especially effective as it stimulates metabolism and makes in recovery period, our body continues burning fat although exercise is no longer being performed.

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The factors that harden muscle tissue are: reducing the amount of body fat and strengthening of the muscles through intramuscular growth. Although the female musculature is able to develop hypertrophy, its low level of testosterone it prevents him from reaching the dimension and the speed that he reaches in the male muscles.

Improving the muscles in the dorsal and lumbar area is one of the main objectives of women to avoid injuries and backaches. The exercises like pushups and burpees, or also the abdominals strengthen the back and the center of the body.

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