This is how the famous kpop diet for weight loss works: is it effective?

They are handsome, they sing, they dance well and above all they are thin. The kpop idols they have managed to export Korean pop music worldwide, a transcript of 'boybands' and 'girlbands' American but with more worked dances, and with that they contribute to the economy of South Korea millions of won (country currency) every year, encouraging not only consumption through his music, also tourism, food, Cosmetic surgery (The country is a leader in operations in Asia), cosmetics and makeup.

Much of the success of groups like BTS, Blackpink, Girls' Generation or Wanna One It is his physique. The agencies "recruit" (as it is the most appropriate word) young people wanting to succeed. In principle they don't need anything else. If they don't know how to sing, they will be taught, just as they will be taught strenuous dance classes until, finally, they learn exact coordination. If they don't sing or dance especially well, nothing happens either: they will be adored by his physique, that if it's nothing from the other world, it can always be fixed with the odd aesthetic operation. And, of course, they will have to undergo strict diets until the day they "debut" or finally become Famous. In this way, as swans, once they leave the music market they all perfectly comply with the strict Korean beauty canons (paleness, small heart-shaped faces, large eyes, dyed hairs and extreme thinness). In the West, where beauty is not so normative, it may sound strange, but as explained by a group of girls in the video included below, they are very clear What physicist you must have to be perfect.

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Thousands of followers and especially followers of the most famous groups intend to imitate the rigorous, extreme and, almost always, dangerous diets that their idols carried out to be spectacular. South Korea is an extremely competitive country where the physical is essential, even to get a job: so much so that many girls, once they finish college, ask for a graduation gift as an aesthetic operation that helps them make a more favorable impression for the labor market. The idols are under great pressure and 'fat shaming', they are forced to be perfect all the time: if they have gained a few kilos they will be humiliated, and if they do not smile and entertain continuously also will be judged.

Dangerous diets

In this way there are many dangerous diets that have become famous. The regime of Girls' Generation, one of the most famous girl bands in the country, supposedly consists of eating only 800 calories a day. In general, adults if they are women should eat a range of 1,800 to 2,100 calories a day, while men should take a little more: approximately between 2,000 and 2,400. It is not the most extreme diet, the internet is full of websites explaining how to follow the weight loss plans of some of these stars.

People imitate extreme diets such as that of the 'cup' or another that requires eating only one apple and a protein shake a day

Power supply singer Lee Ji Eun, better known as IUIt consists only of an apple in the morning, two lunch potatoes and a protein shake at night. With it, supposedly, you can lose ten kilos in a week. The rapper TOP claimed to have lost 20 kilos in just 40 days eating only yōkan (a jelly made with red beans), and drinking water. And the worst part is that people imitates them.

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Also known as the so-called 'cup diet', which consists simply of measuring the proportions of the food you are going to eat. Apparently, the famous Koreans who practice it have to calculate the amount of vegetables, fruits, rice or meat with the size of a glass or cup, which helps them consume the necessary amount. It is normal that, with slimming plans thus, rumors also arise continuously about the possible cases of anorexies of the 'idols'.

Koreans eat more vegetables than meat, drink tea and eat lots of spicy soups, which speeds up metabolism

Internet pages have also proliferated that explain what Koreans do to be so thin. Actually, generalizing over an entire population is deeply absurd, but it is true that South Korea is at the top of the world life expectancy and only 3.5% of people suffer from obesity. In many surveys and rankings, other Asian countries like Japan, China or Vietnam They are also part of the groups where the population is apparently thinner.

If you are interested in following any diet coming from the Far East, keep in mind that slimming plans like IU's, they cannot be followed in the long term and they have a powerful rebound effect. However, healthy eating based on Korean products can help you lose those extra kilos. They are a few simple changes: in the country of kimchi The basis of the diet is vegetables and rice, as well as spicy soups. The latter is a great ally, because it helps you stay slim and accelerates metabolism and, of course, the aforementioned kimchi is essential; is about a fermented food based on dried Chinese cabbage with salt that is also spicy. Say goodbye to sweets and bread and opt for boiled food instead of fried, because that way you eat much less fat.

If you want to lose weight, do things with your head. Miracle diets not only don't work, but they put in risk your health. Exercise that combines cardio and strength, performs a balanced eating plan in which you eat less than you spend and set aside protein shakes and food measured in a cup. Staying healthy and energized is, in the long run, what really matters.