This is how the family feeds: the blind father is accompanied by his daughter so that she can get to work

Learn about a great story about resilience and the desire to get ahead in this article!

Last update: September 29, 2021

Children are a blessing and are willing to be with their parents under any circumstances. In that way, they fill them with unconditional love and help them get ahead.

This is how Jenny has shown it, a 5-year-old girl who helps her dad to get to his place of work. This is because the man known as Nelsón Pepe suffers from irreversible blindness.

The condition was diagnosed because of a genetic disorder. That way, Over time the retina of the man was detached and he lost his visibility completely.

However, the family is low-income and therefore the blind father has to work every day in order to bring support to the home. For that reason, her little daughter is in charge of accompanying her on her way with constancy.

The girl's help

The great ally of father and daughter is a wooden stick that accompanies them every day. That way, the girl takes it from one end, the father holds it from the other and together they walk in single file.

This is how they manage to get to the workplace, which is a piece of land with 60 trees. After, the blind father spends the whole day climbing the trees to bring down all the fruits.

For this work she gets only $ 5 a day, which the family has to pay to eat and meet their basic needs. In addition, among another problem, the girl from the Philippines cannot attend school because she has to accompany her father.

The effects of the viralization of the blind father

Due to the difficult situation, several inhabitants who interact with Nelsón Pepe made the decision to record him to show his reality. In addition, They disseminated the videographic material on social networks with the intention of attracting the attention of one of the large media.

The idea had excellent results, because the ABS foundation found out about the case and contacted Nelsón Pepe immediately. Thus, he invited him to travel to Manila to diagnose his illness.

However, specialists confirmed that blindness is already very advanced and there is no effective treatment to help you regain visibility. For that reason, the foundation promised to help the family financially.

Because of that help, Today the family has been able to supply itself with a better quantity of food and does not depend solely on the 5 dollars a day.

The love of a son

A child provides unconditional and pure love, for that reason they always seek to perform actions that fill their parents with calm and happiness. In addition, they are willing to convince them that they can do whatever they want.

This is reflected in the story of Jenny and Nelsón, where the daughter helps her father with all the disposition in the world and fills him with strength to succeed.