This is how our partner can help breastfeeding

The role of the couple in breastfeeding is never well defined. It is clear that it is the mother who is prepared to provide food for the newborn. But this does not mean that the couple is left out. You play an important role, and you can actually help if you know how.

The companionship of the partner in breastfeeding is of great importance. It will be a support for the baby to establish a good breastfeeding relationship with the mother. Didn't you know this? Well don't worry. If you and your partner are expecting or have just had a child, now is the time to read this carefully.

The countries that have extended paternity leave to equal that of the mother have taken a step forward to promote this relationship. However, breastfeeding and its process must be thoroughly understood.

What should you know about breastfeeding?

It is clear that the act of breastfeeding the baby is something that the mother is going to take care of. This can make the couple feel a little bad. As the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEPED) explains, the father may feel displaced by not being able to feed. However, breastfeeding is a matter for more than one person.

There are many other things that surround the act and in which you can collaborate. This prevents only the mother from providing the resources, which will cause only she to establish a bond with the baby. While the act of breastfeeding is up to the mother, breastfeeding itself is much more.

Sharing the baby's nutrition is not essential to feel good as a parent. Of course, in the event that breastfeeding is contraindicated or cannot be specified for something, the couple can give the bottle as a complement. It is a way of feeling part of the diet.

Although the mother has to be the main protagonist in breastfeeding, the help of the partner is essential to provide support.

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How can you help?

Although as a couple, in breastfeeding you do not have a role in the act of breastfeeding, you will if you attend to other aspects. Therefore, if you feel displaced or have the feeling that you are in the way, here we leave you some ways in which you can participate at this stage in your child's life.

Provide emotional support to the mother

The mother will need a lot of emotional support. The baby may reject the breast for different reasons and this can make her feel unwell. In addition, after delivery you are more sensitive.

Filter the visits she receives so that she does not feel overwhelmed, support her when she is overwhelmed or if she feels like a bad mother. There you will have a very important role.

Help the mother to rest

It is important that you go ahead to take care of the baby at night (if it is not to eat) or that you take him in your arms and go to another room if the mother is exhausted. She has a role to play in the first months of life and getting up at night to feed can be exhausting.

Not sharing housework

So far, sure that both share the housework. But now, after delivery and the baby's arrival home, an exception must be made. Take full care of them so the mother can have time to rest.

This is important, especially if you have had a C-section. You should have time to just take care of herself and the baby.

Caring for older children

If there are older children it is important to preserve the tranquility and privacy of the mother. You must take care of them for a few weeks.

Their food, they do their homework, they spend time together. This is key, as they will also need attention and someone to be there. Take advantage of the fact that you have about 16 weeks ahead.

If there are other children in the house they will need attention. Nothing better than the couple to be there.

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Get involved in eating

Even if you can't feed the baby naturally, you can get involved. How? Well picking him up to burp, take him to the mother to feed him, change his diaper. These are actions that will make you feel great.

The lactating partner is there to give support

These are just a few tips so that, as a breastfeeding couple, you can help the mother of your baby feel better. This will have a direct impact on the well-being of everyone in the home. The arrival of a newborn changes lives. So with these tips they will do much better.