This is Harrison Ford's boring diet that, oddly enough, is giving him good results

The filming of the fifth installment of Indiana Jones, which is scheduled to be released according to its director, Steven Spielberg, has already begun in the summer of 2021. That is why its protagonist, Harrison Ford, is already preparing physically and "taking care" (we quote him because he is doing it in his own way) his diet to embody this superhero That has little to do with Marvel's. Above all, because it is a more real one, both on and off the screen.

And the case of the 77-year-old actor is the perfect example of Not all the protagonists of action films must undergo a physical preparation, or a restrictive diet. So he told Ellen DeGeneres the other day in his program, when he was interviewed by the presenter, who praised his appearance. When asked if he was doing something to improve his physique, Harrison Ford admitted that he did not: "The truth is that I am not one of those who go crazy training, I just do a little exercise," said. "I ride a bike and play tennis a little."

When DeGeneres wanted to know what aspects had changed in his diet, the answer was quite similar: "I have not changed practically anything," he admitted with his characteristic humor. “I eat fish and vegetables, but I don't take any dairy or meat. It is very boring".

And the reason for his food restrictions is not even because he seeks to lose weight for the shoot. “I have just tired of eating meat, I know that eating it is not good for the planet and neither is it for me”, he explained when asked about the reason.

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The actor is an arduous defender of the environment, in fact, the speech against climate change that he delivered in 2018, during his participation in the World Summit of Action against Climate Change, went viral. Too surprised his participation in the day last year, held in Madrid, where he was against the policies of Donald Trump and his inability to take action.

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