This is brucellosis, the disease that your dog can infect you

Is your friend plus faithful, accompanies you everywhere, plays with you and gives you love even in the moments when everyone seems to have turned their backs on you. The pets they are like that, and the dogs they are undoubtedly excellent lifemates. However, you should also be careful with your healthpartly because it could prevent you from future diseases.

In Iowa, multiple cases of canine brucellosis, a disease that can be transmitted from dogs to humans. On this occasion, it began due to the creation of a canine center, in the Marion County, so all canine centers of the area are now in quarantine while the dogs are examined. But, before panic strikes, what is canine brucellosis?

Be careful if your dog shows any symptoms of brucellosis and comes into contact with his blood, urine, fluids, saliva …

It is a disease caused by bacteria Brucella Canis, which is transferred from dogs to other animals or humans through contaminated fluids -like urine, blood, saliva, ocular or nasal fluid and semen in males and vaginal discharge, fetal fluid or placenta in females-, and is the main cause of reproductive disease in dogs. In the case of humans, it usually contracts when entering Contact with the fluids and touch your mouth later. Others domestic animals like sheep, cows, goats and pigs can also coget sick of this disease.


You have to go ahead with a question: the symptoms They vary depending on whether we are talking about yourself or your dog. How to prevent It is the best thing to do in these cases, be careful if your pet presents:

  • Back or neck pains
  • Sterility
  • Miscarriages or fetal deaths in females. Contact with these fetuses could also cause disease in humans.
  • Weak puppies that die after birth
  • Testicular inflammation in males

In the case of the humans, the symptoms are other:

  • Fever
  • Muscle pains
  • Cold
  • Swelling of the lymph nodes
  • Fatigue
  • On some occasions, swelling of the liver or spleen
  • Sometimes the condition can reach the nervous system, the heart or the eyes

Although the authorities of Iowa have wanted to point out that it is quite unusual that brucellosis reaches humans, it is best to prevent. For example, for those people who help dogs when they give birth or have to come into contact with the blood of these animals, it is advisable to use of gloves and mask.

How is it treated

We have already seen that, although it is difficult to contract, it is possible, especially if you work as a veterinarian, dog breeder, etc. Dr. Stull account in 'Prevention' that, in case you are sure that your pet has contracted the disease, it is best to talk to your veterinarian: "The infection in dogs it is difficult to treat with antibioticsSometimes they work and sometimes they don't. It is best to check the options. "There is no vaccine.

In humans, however, the antibiotic treatment. Brucellosis can be avoided with a correct hygiene and with caution, but if you see any alarming symptoms go quickly to the veterinarian.