This is (and this is how it is cured) basal cell carcinoma, the skin cancer suffered by Mónica Carrillo and Hugh Jackman

The journalist Mónica Carrillo has had a difficult summer after being diagnosed with a type of skin cancer and being treated. The same presenter of the Antena 3 newscasts wanted to echo her situation on her social networks to send a message of tranquility to her followers (she is perfectly fine) and help us to become aware that there are very small, but very important cancers . Specifically Mónica Carrilo has been diagnosed with a type of skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma. The journalist's face is not the only famous face that has wanted to launch a warning message about this type of skin tumors: Australian actor Hugh Jackman has published on his Instagram more than once images with a plaster on his nose and has spoken about this cancer that he has suffered from since 2013 and that has forced him to undergo the dermatologist's operating room several times. But what is basal cell carcinoma and how is it treated?

Basal cell carcinoma: the most common tumor in humans

Skin tumors are much more common than we think. Without going further, the basal cell carcinoma that Mónica Carrillo has been diagnosed with constitutes 80-90% of all skin cancers that are diagnosed and it is considered as the most frequent tumor in humans.


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Of the different types of skin cancer that exist, basal cell carcinoma is not only the most common, but also the one with the best prognosis if it is detected early. Its name (basal cell) indicates that the problem that caused the tumor originated in the basal cells, which are found in the lowest layer of the epidermis. And as in almost all skin cancers, exposure to the sun without protection is one of the main causes of this type of tumor, which is why it is common for it to appear on the face (as in the case of Monica Carrillo and Hugh jackman who have suffered it on the nose), neck and trunk (especially in the décolleté area).

In general, the person who suffers a cancer of this type goes to the dermatologist because it has appeared on his face a small wound that does not quite heal. Hence the caveat that everyone should take note of: any wound that takes more than 15 days to heal and heal should be seen by a doctor.


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How Basal Cell Carcinoma Is Cured

Healing from this type of tumor can turn into a long-distance run. Treatment depends on when the tumor is detected: the earlier the better, not only because the lesion will be smaller, but because the risk of it recurring is also reduced. That the same tumor reappears in the same area is one of the main risks of this type of tumor, as Hugh Jackman knows, whose nose has already been operated on five times for this reason. It is calculated that nearly 25% of people with one of these tumors develop a new basal cell cancer within five years at your first diagnosis.

He The treatment of choice is surgery: the tumor is removed and regular check-ups are performed to check that everything has gone correctly. In some cases, this surgery can also be completed with drugs that contain chemotherapy or radiation therapy, but it is not the most common. With proper surgery and respecting the letter of the dermatologist's instructions to protect the skin the prognosis for this type of cancer is usually very good.

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