This is all melissa can do for you (and we do not exaggerate)

We know this story perfectly. You do not sleep. There is no remedy to help you fall asleep and you take the problems to bed day yes, day too. The valerian does not affect you, however, you continue to try every natural remedy there is and for having the objective of relaxing and resting eight hours of the pull.

Well, by taking remedies of the grandmother, surely you have heard of the balm. A plant that has infinite benefits and that you should incorporate into your life for many reasons. Taken in infusion, it can be the solution to your problems (yes, to more than one).

We are still wondering why we have not incorporated it into our life before. How should you take it? Get used to drinking it in tea one hour before going to sleep. It will calm you down and you will sleep like a baby.

What are its benefits?

-It is mainly known because it calms the nerves, since it has sedative powers and reduces episodes of stress, anxiety attacks and improves the difficulties to sleep correctly.

-It can help fight migraines, control cervical pain and lumbar pain.

-It helps with digestions since it favors the assimilation of food. In addition, it slows down diarrhea and thanks to its antiseptic properties, helps to reduce fever.

– Relieves congestion and menstrual pain for its anti-inflammatory properties.

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