Things you have to do (and those that do not) when you have a hangover

The remedies for the hangover are so many, that in the end we do not really know exactly what will work: drinking beer to overcome a cup of more is one of the most widespread, while taking a cold shower is the most famous if you want to refresh yourself and overcome the stupor.

Sure you had a great time last night (or that you plan a crazy night this weekend) and the glasses flew. Your friends insisted on changing bar, glass of wine in hand. After three different ones, you do not remember anything else anymore. You think that the glasses came, then the shots … And after arriving home when the sun peeked out your window, you thought, "Well, it's late," and the next morning you wake up with the worst hangover of your life. What you have to do? And why not? There it goes:

Forget about:

Coffee: You will wonder why? Well, coffee is one of the strongest gastric activators there is and at this precise moment the last thing your stomach needs is an activator. Do not drink coffee if you are not quite well so as not to make your discomfort worse.

Ibuprofen: You may think it's the best thing for a hangover, but you're wrong. The last thing you need is a chemo (more) going through your body. It will relieve your headache, but it will make your stomach worse.

Junk food: Even if it is what you want most in the world, avoid it if you can. The last thing you need to improve your hangover is to make the task difficult on your digestive system.

Hot baths: choose a cold shower better. Why? Even if you die for a warm bath, the last thing you need is to dehydrate yourself more.

Beer: one of the great myths. Do not drink more alcohol, you will only make the hangover worse.

Make these tips the law:

Take a lot of Vitamin C: fruit juices, especially orange and lemon, will help you metabolize alcohol more quickly.

Drink plenty of water and isotonic drinks: hydration is essential and although you already know that water is essential, you can also try isotonic drinks that also have sugar and will make you feel less decayed.

Cold cloths with lavender: it may be the remedy of the grandmother par excellence, the cloth will relieve your headache and the lavender will relax you.

Drink milk and infusions: the milk will settle your stomach and the infusions will help you eliminate toxins.

Eat in large quantities: foods such as bananas, nuts and spinach will help you counteract the drop in sugar. Vitamins, minerals and sardines will replenish your B12 levels.

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