“They’re all the same to me”: a waiter decided to serve food to a poor young man

A Paraguayan waiter allowed a humble man to satisfy his hunger and feel well for one night. Know its history!

Last update: November 12, 2021

There are many people worldwide who, unfortunately, do not have a daily food that allows them to satisfy their hunger. In many cases, these people can go the entire day without trying any bites.

However, there are good-hearted people who are always willing to extend a helping hand. This was demonstrated by Crispín Vera, a Paraguayan waiter who works at the Rincón de la Costa Restaurant. Do you want to know its history?

An act of good

A humble man entered the Rincón de la Costa Restaurant, where Crispín Vera works as a waiter. Unlike what usually happens in other establishments, the waiter never got in his way or turned him down.

The man entered with the intention of eating the leftover slices of pizza left by some ladies who, Upon leaving the premises, they gave him permission to take advantage of the food that had been served.

At that moment, Crispin approached the man to ask him about his situation. For this reason, the man had the opportunity to explain previous clients had given him the opportunity to feed and asked if he could stay.

The act of kindness of Crispín, the Paraguayan waiter

The Paraguayan waiter received the man in the best way, because He decided to put a new plate for him, bring him the cutlery so that he could eat comfortably and serve him with cordiality.

Crispín said that this attitude was the right one because for him all clients are the same. Because of that, the humble man deserved to be served with pleasure and made to feel welcome.

The good deed of the waiter Crispín Vera was filmed by a diner.

In addition, as he does with all customers, Crispín took it upon himself to remove the man’s plate when he finished and wish him a good night. That way, It helped a person in need to eat calmly and recharge their energies.

The event went viral because one of the customers who was in the place recorded the excellent attitude of the waiter. Later, He uploaded the publication to his social networks so that people could assess what had happened.

Because of this, a large number of Internet users were delighted by Crispín’s attitude and sent him a large number of congratulatory messages. What’s more, the owners of the restaurant also recognized the attitude of their worker and rewarded him.

The main Internet user acknowledged that at first she thought that the waiter was going to remove the man from the restaurant, since In society, empathy is often put aside and people are not helped.

The footage was shared on social media and went viral.

However, she also stated that she was quite surprised and happy when she realized the outcome. In addition, this behavior allowed him to reflect on the importance of being aware of those who need it.

Helping is an action that fills the soul

Helping is one of the habits that people should promote the most, since This is how it is possible to improve the quality of life of the people who need it most.

Likewise, helping fills the soul of all those involved: People build their self-esteem, feel important, and build their confidence to move on.

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