They were told they wouldn’t last when they were young, they celebrate 81 years of marriage

This couple of grandparents showed that love can last a lifetime. Discover his story!

Last update: 31 January, 2022

It is a reality that a large majority of people throughout the world believe that relationships cannot last a lifetime. But nevertheless, there are magnificent loves that have shown them that it is possible to fulfill that dream.

This because of place trust, respect and unconditional support as pillars of the relationship. In addition, they give the best of themselves so that the other person feels important and full of well-being.

This was demonstrated by Ron and Joyce Bond, a couple who married in their youth and still stays together in their old age. Here we tell you all the details of this exciting story.

The 81 years of marriage

When Ron and Joyce got married, the man was 21 and the woman was only 19. Because of this, the friends let them know that they thought they would not last long together.

However, they were convinced of the love and magic that flowed when they were together. Well, From the first moment they felt that their relationship had been love at first sight.

In this way, in 1941 they decided to seal the love bond that they were willing to care for throughout their lives. This is how they finally fulfilled it because in January 2021 they had the pleasure of celebrating their 81st anniversary.

As a result of this fact, Joyce recognized at the age of 100 that this goal had been the most important of her entire life. What’s more, revealed that the key to success was that neither was more than the other in the relationship, but that together they gave and received a reciprocal treatment.

For his part, Ron, 102, He added that the other fundamental aspect was that each one was in charge of taking care of the other at all times. In this way, they found the means to overcome the difficulties that life sometimes has.

Thus, in old age they continue to feel the same connection that they had from the beginning. This because of They have done everything possible so that their love grows more and more every day.

The admiration they feel for them

Without a doubt, all the people in the world would like to find a soul mate and be with her for all the years of their lives. For that reason, This couple with 81 years of marriage has become the inspiration for their children, grandchildren and other family members.

Well, Eileen, the daughter of this couple, said that being with them radiated all the love they had. In addition, that 81 years later it was clear that they continued to feel the same positive emotions that brought them together in the beginning.

On the other hand, Bill, the son of the spouses, managed to congratulate the anniversary of their 81st marriage through the radio. That way, He showed them all the pride they made him feel.

And it is that, when celebrating the 81st anniversary, they became the couple with the longest marriages in all of Great Britain. In view of this, Queen Elizabeth sent them a letter congratulating them and wishing them all the joy in the world.

Final reflection

This story is the true reflection that lifelong loves can become a reality. Well, These couples unite dreams, they are convinced that together they can do anything and every day they make their love stronger.

In addition, from the first moment they understand that together they are a great team. Therefore, they become one and work together to meet the same goals.

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