They leave a baby and their 10-year-old son in the car at 40 degrees to go shopping

The tragedy rondo the streets of Manresa, in Barcelona, ​​last Saturday. It was six in the afternoon when the Local Police received several calls warning of the presence of two children inside a car in full sun. It was a baby barely 8 months old and his older brother, 10 years old, whom his parents had left in the vehicle while they went to the purchase.

The agents quickly went to a shopping center located in the area of ​​Trullols before the danger that the two minors could die asphyxiated inside. The temperature at that time of the afternoon was around 40 degrees and the parents had left leaving the vehicle off and, therefore, without air conditioning.

Upon reaching the premises, the agents rescued the children and took them inside the police vehicle that had air conditioning. After speaking with some witnesses they were able to confirm that both the baby and his older brother they had been more than 20 minutes inside the vehicle exposed directly to the sun.

Investigate parents

Next, the police required the presence of an ambulance to analyze the baby's condition and the medical services decided to transfer him to the San Juan de Dios hospital. It was at that moment when the parents "appeared quietly, with several shopping bags ", as explained by the police of Manresa in a statement.

The good news is that the medical services were able to prove that, despite the temperature at which they had been exposed, the health status of the children was good. The police are now investigating the parents, a man of 41 years and a woman of 30, both neighbors of Manresa, in case the requirements to impute them a crime of abandonment of minors were given.

The police are now investigating the parents, a man of 41 years and a woman of 30, in case they can charge them with a crime of abandonment of minors

In addition, they have transferred a report to the Department of Social Services of the City of Manresa, to assess the overall situation of children. The authorities warn every summer of the dangers of leaving children or animals inside the cars without ventilation and exposed to the sun, since temperatures rise exponentially in just a few minutes.