They investigate a second death from listeriosis in Andalusia

The number of affected by listeriosis in Andalusia has increased by 25 people, up to 186 patients, of which 99 are hospitalized, among them 31 pregnant women, three more than yesterday, and the death of a 72 year old male, a terminal cancer patient, who tested positive for infection by listeria but from the epidemiological point of view does not include the intake of the meat that has caused the outbreak.

If confirmed, it would become the second death caused by the listeriosis outbreak in Andalusia after a 90-year-old old woman who had consumed meat from the Mecha brand was killed on Tuesday. Dr. José Miguel Cisneros, spokesman for the Junta de Andalucía for this outbreak of listeriosis, has provided these data that reflect an increase of 17 hospitalized, mostly in Seville.

Cisneros has also reported the death this morning of a 72-year-old male, terminally ill with pancreatic cancer, who entered last day 10 with an episode of fever and that was positive in contagion by listeria.

The doctor has clarified that until the molecular analyzes are not carried out, it cannot be resolved if his death it's related to the listeriosis outbreak. Four patients continue to be admitted to the ICU and there have been no new hospital admissions for newborns.

According to Cisneros, the death of this patient "could have been caused by listeriosis in a situation of terminal patient, and therefore is a case related to the listeria of the outbreak, or has died from the listeria infection of a characteristically vulnerable patient such as these".

The authorities withdraw two more products from the same company

After learning this morning that one of the outbreaks where the outbreak originated was in two mechadoras of the company Magrudis SL, the Junta de Andalucía has reported Friday that the company sold "a small amount" of meat marketed also to the firm Seville Commercial Martinez Leon, who has marketed under a white mark and that has been immobilized this Friday.

The "preliminary" analyzes performed on all the products of the Magrudis company in Seville, where the listeriosis outbreak originated, have tested this bacterium in the Specialties of loin with sherry and loin with pepper. The delegate of Health of the City of Seville, Juan Manuel Flores, explained in a press conference that these analyzes have been carried out on August 20 and are not yet final, so he has asked for prudence until all the analytical tests are completed.

Health calls the CCAA to address the outbreak

The spokeswoman for the acting Executive, Isabel Celaá, has advanced that the Ministry of Health has convened for next Monday to a meeting to the health advisers of the autonomous communities for iExchange information about the listeriosis outbreak. This is what Celaá has indicated in the subsequent press conference of the Council of Ministers, in which he has indicated that this meeting takes place because the health management corresponds to the communities, but the control and leadership of the situation is being carried out by the ministry .

According to him Coordination Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies (Ccaes), under the Ministry of Health, a total of 193 infections throughout Spain, and another 44 possible infections are being investigated.

With the updated data, 186 cases related to the outbreak have been confirmed in Andalusia. Most of them have registered in Seville (153), but they have been found in almost all the provinces of the Andalusian community: Cádiz (8), Granada (4), Huelva (16) and Málaga (5).

On the other hand, in Aragon there are 3 confirmed cases and 4 "probably associated"; 6 "probable" cases of the same family who consumed meatloaf originating in Seville and one pregnant "under investigation" in Asturias; 9 under investigation who have eaten contaminated meat in Castilla la Mancha; 1 confirmed associated with the outbreak in Castile and Leon; 5 suspected cases in Catalonia, "all pending confirmation"; in Madrid, there are six reported cases, although "all under investigation"; and in Estremadura, there are 13 under study and three others who ingested the meat, although without confirmation at the moment.

Health points out thate these cases "may vary" between different reports who have published "as possible duplicate cases are cleared that are reported in more than one community", because, for example, there may be a community diagnostic of the case but also a record in the region of residence.

Minister Celaá recalled that Health activated the two alert networks –health and epidemiological surveillance, and food– once the Andalusian health authorities informed him of the existence of this outbreak of food poisoning caused by listeria and associated with the consumption of meat "La Mechá".

The Government spokeswoman has emphasized that the meat of this brand manufactured since May 2 in the company has been immobilized, and that Health is communicating to all the communities the pertinent information so that they start up the required actions so that this meat remains paralyzed.