They design the first facial mask with UV sterilization

Is uv mask is the first using this method of antiviral sterilization. There is no other in the world who uses the Ray kind ultraviolet. In addition, when tested it has been shown that it is capable of clean the air by 99.9%, therefore, when used, very clean air enters the lungs.

The Recent variety of masks is wide. We have some that are transparent, others, small built-in air purifiers. Now, this curious invention comes to us that adds the use of ultraviolet rays. Something quite ingenious indeed!

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In search of an alternative to control the coronavirus

Certainly, this virus can be controlled with strict sanitary measures. Wearing gloves, washing hands, and social distancing are necessary measures. However, it is also necessary know about masks and face shields; since they are a way to avoid contagions.

In fact, it is claimed that if everyone will wear masks the pandemic would stop in two months. However, emphasis has also been placed on design face masks that not only stop viruses, but also remove them.

UV rays are excellent for disinfecting

Happens that bacteria and viruses cannot withstand exposure to ultraviolet rays. Remember that this light is invisible to the human eye. Furthermore, when the microorganisms are exposed to this light wavelength they are deactivated.

What does it mean that they are disabled? It means two things. First of they cannot reproduce. Second, what they cannot infect. Therefore, when using UV rays for a long time, these pathogens end up disappearing.

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How does this mask work?

The first thing to indicate is that This mouth cover not only catches viruses, but also neutralizes them. It is a disinfection procedure that we describe below:

-This UV mask features a double filtration system.

– The first filter is conventional, type N95. Blocks up to 95% of particles, including dust and society. It catches corpuscles down to 0.3 microns.

– The microorganisms of less than 0.3 micron they pass the first filter.

-At second filter, go through a UV exposure. These rays are capable of altering cell composition, which is very effective in microscopic organisms.

This is how the air you inhale is disinfected, not only of floating particles but also of viruses, bacteria and other tiny living beings.

Do you think these masks have good results? What everyone wants is for them to be a tool for stop COVID-19. As long as you don't have a vaccine, only the measures that stop the spread of the virus remain. And the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis mask is excellent!



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