They create a solar floor with recycled bottles that will generate energy throughout the year

A Hungarian company invented a magnificent flooring that has revolutionized everything. Find out!

Last update: February 18, 2022

It is a reality that electricity can generate large costs for people month after month. Well, It is one of the resources that most need to be used throughout the day.

But aside from that, it also comes at a huge cost to environmental well-being. This is due to the fact that polluting fuels are used for their manufacture.

Because of this, the need to produce energies that are clean and generate many more benefits. In view of that purpose, more and more truly amazing inventions are emerging.

This was demonstrated by the Platio company, which created an excellent alternative with solar panels. In this article we tell you all the details of this story.

A solar floor with plastic bottles

The Platio company built a pavement with solar panels made from recycled plastic. In this way, it provided the possibility that fewer electrical connections would begin to be used in outdoor spaces.

In addition, at the same time it combats the environmental problem generated by plastic waste. Well, each meter of the pavement is made up of 400 recycled bottles that no longer have the possibility of hanging around the streets or in the water sources.

Best of all, the company made it clear that it is in no way looking to replace your roof’s solar panels. Conversely, the objective is to complement them so that there is more and more clean energy and the electrical connections do not have to be used.

Likewise, plastic is combined with glass solar panels. In this way, a much more resistant and durable pavement is obtained than conventional ones.

Furthermore, the company has claimed that each solar panel has the capacity to generate 20 watts of power. As a result of that fact, illuminates street lights at night and allows people to charge their cell phones.

And, although today it is intended solely for use by people, the company has indicated that it could also withstand trucks. That way, There is a possibility that in the future roads will be built with these solar panel pavements.

The floor is also ideal for the home

In addition to open spaces, this flooring can also be used in houses. Well, Its installation is simple and its maintenance is very similar to that of a conventional floor.

In addition to this, the watts it generates can light up an entire Hungarian house. Therefore, avoids having to use the large number of electrical connections that are customary.

Lastly, it has a cute design. Because of thisallows houses to have a modern, innovative and elegant appearance.

Final reflection

Today there are a large number of alternatives to take advantage of clean energy. That way, people have the possibility to considerably reduce the expenses of public services and, at the same time, take care of the planet.

Therefore, the ideal is that these alternatives have a great diffusion. Well, Thus, more and more people can benefit from them and promote collective well-being.

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