They claim that ultraviolet light could prevent the spread of COVID-19

The determining factor that has contributed to COVID-19 has become a global pandemic is ignorance. This virus has taken us by surprise, because of its novelty; There is no vaccine, there is no definitive treatment, and although measures can be taken to reduce the risk of infection, it is not possible to eliminate it completely.

This has motivated the scientific community to look for alternatives to eradicate once and for all this virus that has already claimed the lives of millions of people around the world. Researchers from the University of Colorado assure that it is possible to eliminate the possibilities of contagion through the use of ultraviolet light; But it's not that simple.

Ultraviolet light neutralizes the virus

Karl Linden, professor of environmental engineering and sustainable development at the University of Colorado, has published a paper in which he explains that ultraviolet light has the ability to affect the COVID-19 virus in such a way that it turns it into a completely organism. harmless. This could prevent people from becoming infected through contact with contaminated surfaces or by breathing in contaminated environments.

This type of light is used to disinfect surgical spaces or where high risk patients are treated. The reason is that the electromagnetic radiation that this type of light emits eliminates all types of viruses, this includes COVID-19.

Risks of using ultraviolet light

This idea seems to be excellent news and a definitive solution to get rid of COVID-19; however, the use of UV-C can be dangerous for people's skin and eyes. It is not clear how much UV-C can harm people or how much can be tolerated without affecting health.

This type of light can cause significant damage to the DNA of the skin and even specialists do not have the alternative to use UV-C to eliminate the virus, without causing health problems in people who are exposed. This prevents this type of disinfection from being applied in a massive way. In this way, the challenge facing scientists is to solve this dilemma.

Possibilities to control contagion

If a solution is found to the dilemma of using UV light to neutralize COVID-19, The possibilities are virtually endless. This type of light could be used to keep high-risk spaces disinfected such as: means of transport, supermarkets, elevators, offices, educational institutes, hospitals and much more.

The effectiveness of this method would be very high, as it could disinfect the contaminated environment immediately; It could even disinfect a person's hands before they get the virus. The best thing in this context is that it is not only a solution to the spread of COVID-19, but it would be a way to avoid the spread of any virus; including some that may arise and surprise us, as this type of coronavirus did.