They claim that napping once or twice a week reduces the risk of heart attacks

This is established by a study by the University Hospital of Lausanne in Switzerland. Thanks to the results of this work, the experts affirm that Napping once or twice a week reduces the risk of heart attacks.

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The results were published in the scientific journal Heart, of the British Medical Journal (BMJ)

It is worth saying that it is a very detailed work. Equally, the data and procedures carried out are displayed. Without a doubt, this inquiry is very well supported. Therefore, their elucidations must be taken into account.

For example, it is concluded that this nap can be useful for prevent atherosclerosis. The reason? It happens that it minimizes the amount of plaque in the arteries. In this way, blood flow runs smoothly and heart attacks are prevented.

Some characteristics of this research made in Switzerland

We have already said that it is a quite detailed work. In this regard, we indicate to our readers the main aspects and their results. It is not possible that it is something quite interesting:

A follow-up was made to 3,400 people, aged between 35 and 70 years.

The duration of this research was 5 years. Therefore, this is a fairly long period from which reliable data can be obtained.

Participants they declared if they slept, or not, the siesta throughout that period of time.

I know had 55 heart attacks among monitored participants.

People who napped once or twice a week suffered from fewer cardiovascular events. This includes problems such as blood pressure, as well as arrhythmias and other issues related to the heart.

The heart of the people who assumed the siesta was also in better condition.

All of the above yield excellent results for those who take that extra sleep time. Furthermore, it is known that napping is key to controlling emotions. That is, it allows you to calm down in times of stress.

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The undoubted advantages of good sleep in people

There is no concrete answer about how long a nap should be to be ideal. In this case, it is assumed that between 45 minutes and 1 hour. However, it seems the important thing is to give that moment of pause, rather than its duration.

In addition, it is important that people sleep at least 8 hours a day. Unfortunately, many do not. In that case, lack of sleep is known to have serious implications for the circulatory system.

This is how due rest is something that many of us forget. It must be taken into account, especially in this time of so much work and where people stay awake in various activities: work, study or fun.

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Do you take a nap? If your answer is no, maybe it's time to incorporate this habit into your life. That way, you will have better health. Go ahead and do it now!