They claim that if everyone wore face masks, the pandemic would be controlled in two months

Robert R. Redfield, director in the United States of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, made an important comment about the Covid-19 crisis. He explained how mask covers would help control the coronavirus pandemic in less than two months, if its widespread use is respected. This was published by the famous magazine Journal of the American Medical Association.

The use of masks by health workers and patients reduces the risk of transmission and transmission of Covid-19. The expert is based on data obtained from more than 75 thousand workers from the Mass General Brigham Hospital Network in Massachusetts.

"If everyone were wearing face masks right now, the coronavirus pandemic could be under control in four to eight weeks." Redfield stated in his interview.

A study showed that masks along with other protective measures such as gloves, used in hospitals spread decreased of the virus. Positive tests began to drop 3.2 percent a week and 0.49 percent a day. However, when preventives were not used, transmission increased to 1.16 percent daily.

In the report, it is indicated that the rate of contagion and transmission in the general public also decreased during the investigation, proving that the use of the universal mouthpiece is a useful strategy to reduce the number of coronavirus infections, both in medical care and in the entire population.

using mouth guards has two purposes

Protect mucosa like nose and mouth with filter materials it meets two objectives; personal care against inhalation of harmful agents. And superior control of the source, so as not to become contaminated with other infectious microbes suspended in the air.

Robert R. Redfield said that the citizens have powerful tools to control the transmission of the coronavirus. Like good hand washing, storing the face, maintain social distancing. And that the support of this comment is found in the study published in the magazine, giving evidence that the timely practice of covering one's face in a community way is a method that helps to reduce the COVID-19 figures.

He insisted that most people don't care about wearing face masks inside their vehicles, or when they are in places where there are no crowds. However, it is necessary that each individual when going out or being close to others use a face covering. In this way it helps to decrease the transmission of the coronavirus.

Lastly, he confirmed that public health officials should be in charge of promoting a message so that the population understands the importance of masks. Where should they be used, how should they be used and what is the proper way. Incentivizing and normalizing wearing masks, in a clear and attractive way for the communities.

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