These two symptoms indicate that your immune system is weak. We show you how to raise your defenses to get it ready

You are clear that diet is important to have strong defenses (and iron health, in general), something especially important now that the coroanvirus is still out there doing its thing. And also that there are unhealthy habits (such as smoking or drinking alcohol), which can weaken your immune system. But are you clear about what the red flags your body sends to alert you that your immune system is in trouble? Look for these clues, and if you check next to each of them, it's time to get down to work and start pampering your defenses.

The clearest sign: you have more than one cold a year

Nobody is spared from having a cold from time to time, even in the middle of August. But when those small infections occur often (you are prone, for example, to throat infections) it is time to take action. On average, it is considered normal to have a cold for less than a year: a viral process that lasts, at most, seven days. But if you don't care whether it's spring or autumn and you suffer from colds often or they last for more than 10 days … it's time to go to the doctor, no matter how weak the symptoms are.

The solution: we repeat, diet is very important to keep the immune system in perfect condition, be sure to follow a varied diet, rich in fiber, seasonal fruit and all kinds of vegetables so that the microbiota of your intestine does not lack anything. And cut back on simple sugars and unhealthy fats.

Also, remember that as we get older the body's ability to take advantage of some micronutrients decreases, so it is especially important that reinforce your diet with this type of food. If your luck still does not improve and you keep jumping from a cold to a cold, ask your doctor about the possibility of taking vitamin supplements adapted to your needs.

The signal that comes to you from work: you are always sick on vacation

Stress is bad for our defenses. In fact, chronic stress is capable of "stealing" essential nutrients for the immune system and make sure that those vitamins and minerals that the defenses need to be in perfect condition never reach their destination. And this process of "sequestration" of micronutrients is independent of your diet, that is, you may be following the healthiest diet on the planet rich in vegetables and fruits, but stress prevents your body from distributing and taking advantage of nutrients in the right way.


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How can you know if this is your case? Well, because after a great interview or appointment at work or just the first days of vacation, that is, when the stress peak ebbs, you always fall ill. If you feel identified with this "bad luck", be alert, because your defenses are not receiving what they need.

The solutionIf infections are always waiting for you crouching after an effort at work, you are stressed even if you are not aware of it. Give your mind and immune system a helping hand by taking action and engaging in relaxing activities on a daily basis. Yoga (or practicing any exercise for half an hour a day), meditation or mindfulness can help you.

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