These smart glasses monitor health and allow you to play video games

Korean researchers have developed some smart electronic glasses that not only monitor brain waves and body movements of a person, they can also function as sunglasses and allow users control a video game with the movements of the eyes.

The physical activity tracking bracelets and watches provide useful information such as step count and heart rate, but usually because of their stiffness, cannot provide more detailed data on the user health. Now, a team of scientists from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) have gone one step further.

Devices that measure brain electrical signals (electroencephalogram; EEG) or eye (Electrooculogram; EOG) can help diagnose diseases such as epilepsy and sleep disorders, as well as control computers at human-machine interfaces. But to obtain these measurements, a constant physical contact between the skin and the sensor, which is difficult with rigid devices.

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Given this, Suk-Won Hwang, from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology, and his team have integrated soft electrodes and conductors in electronic glasses which can wirelessly monitor EEG and EOG signals, the intensity of ultraviolet (UV) rays and body movements or postures, while acting as a human-machine interface. They report their invention in the scientific journal 'ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces'.

Printed in 3D, the researchers added flexible electrodes near the ears (EEG sensor) and eyes (EOG sensor)

The researchers built the frame of the glasses with a 3D printer And then they added flexible electrodes near the ears (EEG sensor) and eyes (EOG sensor). They also added acwireless circuit for motion detection and ultraviolet light on the side of the glasses and a ultraviolet light sensitive gel and adjustable color inside the lenses, which allows the lenses to change color and become sunglasses.

The motion detector informs investigators of the posture and gait of the user, and is able to detect when it falls. The EEG records the alpha rhythms of the brain, which can be used to monitor health. Finally, the EOG monitor allows the user to easily move the bricks in a popular video game by adjusting the direction and angle Of their eyes. The electronic glasses may be useful for digital health or virtual reality applications, the researchers say in statements collected by SciTechDaily.

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