These simple exercises will help you decrease cervical pain in minutes

Cervical pain is extremely common nowadays. It feels like a tension or stiffness in the lower part of the neck. It can be mild, but if it is too strong it can be disabling. Sometimes it can move to the head -generating headaches-, or to the arms and hands.

The fact that cervical pain is so massive today has to do with the lifestyle we have, since the main cause of this problem is maintaining fixed postures for a long time. If, in addition, the posture is not correct, the pain may become more intense. The worst is that the situation can get worse as the years go by.

Therefore, it is best to have the habit of doing some exercises to reduce cervical pain and tension. If you start doing them regularly, you can also prevent it.

Exercises to reduce cervical pain

1. Exercise with tennis ball

This exercise is very simple, although you need an element: a tennis ball. If you have another type of ball of a similar size and that is not too stiff, you can also use it.

First, you should lie on the floor with your legs flexed. Use a yoga mat to avoid direct contact with the floor.

Place the tennis ball just behind the neck. Then, with gentle movements of the head, roll it up and down for 5 minutes.

2. Relax the neck

For this exercise you must stand and you do not need to have any element. The best thing is that you can do it anytime, anywhere. It is ideal to practice in any pause, in the office or in the daily chores. You will notice that it helps you to reach the end of the day without that terrible cervical tension.

Put yourself in a right posture, and twist your neck very gently to the right, as if you want your right ear to touch the shoulder. Try not to make effort.

Now, support the right hand on the left ear and press very gently. It is important that there are no rebounds either. Once you exert the pressure, hold it for a minute.

Then relax and repeat on the left side. The ideal is to do five repetitions on each side.

3. Relieve stiffness with a towel

Finally, this exercise is ideal to do as soon as we get home and we need a quick relief. You only need a towel.

Roll it up and place it at the base of the skull, while holding it at the ends. Then, lean your head back, while you pull forward with the towel. In this way, you will offer resistance, which will allow you to stretch and relieve neck stiffness and pain.

Return to the initial position, rest a few seconds, and repeat if you think it necessary.

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Remember that treating cervical pain, even when it is mild, helps to prevent it from getting worse.

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