These are the three exercises by Vikika Costa to have a healthy and fit pelvic floor

Become one of the most famous personal trainers in our country, Vikika costa You can boast not only having one of the most striking and spectacular bodies on the scene, but also having thousands of followers who take note of all your recommendations, be they sports, nutritional or even stylistic. This was when he told us his trick to deal with pain in his period, or his experience with Chinese balls. Such was the stir that was generated with this issue, that many clamored more information and details about pelvic floor.

A few days later, Vikika published on her Instagram account a post exclusively dedicated to how to get a fit and healthy pelvic floor. In it, the fitness expert stressed the importance of strengthening this part of the woman's body, so often forgotten. And it is very important to recognize the symptoms that indicate that you need to do Kegel to strengthen the pelvic floor

In Vikika's own words, a healthy pelvic floor "prevents stress urinary incontinence, prolapse and helps improve sexual intercourse." To do this, it is necessary to work on that part every day. What how? Well, the influencer has it clear, in addition to the use of the so-called Chinese balls, Vikika recommends three simple exercises to do every day, and in less than 5 minutes.

According to Vikika, the first thing to do is locate exactly where the pelvic floor is to focus on its activation: sitting on the floor with crossed legs we find, between the two supporting bones, the base of the pelvis. Now we have to contract the area and hold it for three seconds. After another three rest, we activate it again for another three seconds and alternate it with rest. This exercise must be done for two minutes.

The first exercise that Vikika proposes is to activate the pelvic floor area in a sitting position and hold for three seconds.

For the second exercise that Vikika proposes, we must get into quadruped (with the hands in line with the shoulders and the knees with the hips), and imitating the yoga cat pose, we curve the back rounding the upper part while advancing the shoulders and looking down. In that position, we alternate three seconds with the pelvic floor active and another three seconds of rest for another two minutes.

In the second exercise, in quadruped and curving the back, we reactivate the pelvic floor area and hold for three seconds.

As a last exercise, and also in quadrupeds, Vikika proposes us stretch one leg and arm on the opposite side at once. In that position in which you have to maintain your balance, we initiate the activation of the zone and hold for three seconds. On this occasion, it must be repeated ten times stretching the right leg-left arm and another ten times with the left leg-right arm.

In the last exercise, you have to stretch one leg and the opposite arm while keeping the area activated.

Some simple exercises that will not take up much time from our day and that have many benefits. So important is the care of the pelvic floor and so complex can the subject become, that Vikika Costa recommends visiting a specialist: "Every woman is different and it is important to consult this type of thing with our pelvic floor physiotherapist, because she can also measure whether you have it strong or weak," he explains.

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