These are the reasons why you will feel older after 40 years

The 40s are a barrier of years that many fear to exceed. The equinox of life arrives and you cannot turn back. From then on you may consider yourself an adult in its full phase: be that as it may, you are no longer young. But on the other hand, as many say, youth is nothing more than an attitude, and not so much an aptitude, so depending on the lifestyle you lead, the fourth decade would not have to affect you.

It is essential, to reach this age well and feel at your full faculties (or failing that, younger), lead a healthy lifestyle and bet on regular physical exercise to keep bones and muscles in perfect condition. Now, more than ever, you will need an iron willpower to know how to adapt to the inevitable changes that aging produces in your body.

The reason it's getting harder to lose weight is that your metabolism slows down as you age

The magazine 'Best Life' has put together a list of all those things that you will start to notice once the time comes when you turn 40. And some of them are not merely physical, but have a sociological component. If you are one of many that this 2020 left after thirty, keep reading carefully.

Your skin becomes thinner

As we age, the skin becomes thinner, dries less elastic, and has a lower capacity to regenerate after damage. But when we reach forty, this aging plus the wear and tear of the skin ends up producing wrinkles. To reduce these effects as much as possible, it is best to bet onr a diet rich in antioxidants, present mainly in olive oil, walnuts or oily fish.

Lower tooth sensitivity

One of the good news about getting a little older every day is precisely whate you will not notice so much pain in the teeth. As you get older, a thicker layer of dentin forms, the hard tissue on the inside of the tooth, between the enamel and the nerves. This isolation generally gives a lower response to pain. The downside of this is that you will be less able to detect when you have a problem and you must go to the dentist, hence it is necessary that you go more times to undergo periodic check-ups.

You recover more slowly from an injury

Scientists are still not 100% sure why if you sprain it takes much longer to heal as an adult than when you are young, but evidently, most are betting on the phenomenon of cellular depletion. Others argue that it is because fewer hormonal changes happen in your body, which causes the recovery of bones and muscles to last longer. Although in the end the hypothesis that the inflammatory response of the body increases as we meet more springs wins. In conclusion, the cause must be one of the mixtures of these three.

Much harder to lose weight

In general, when you are over 40 you usually realize that it is getting harder and harder to lose weight. The main reason is that your metabolism slows down, a direct consequence of the decrease in muscle mass. Like all organs in the body, muscles need fuel, which means that the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn while resting.

Your ability to taste and smell decreases

When we are born, we possess around 9,000 taste buds. But as we age, this amount decreases, which implies a reduction in the flavors that you experience. In addition, this is an effect that has been talked about a lot in recent months, since it is one of the main symptoms of coronavirus.

Less control of technologies

One of the peculiarities of the time that we have lived is that technology advances unstoppably. And unless you train or specialize in computer science or one of those professions that are so fashionable now (Data Scientist, artificial intelligence …), it is possible that technological changes and advances will pass you by. It is not only a matter of problems to handle and understand some programs or software, also in order to carry out everyday activities such as a 'selfie'. How is it that today's young people are able to reach out like that to make them look so good in photos? And that the image is so focused? It is possible that from now on you try it and it will not turn out so well.

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