These are the perfect gifts for healthy lovers

The month of December is a real crazy shopping and Christmas preparations, but we are still on time. If you want to go safely with Christmas gifts and have a healthy lover at home (or in your nearest circle) that you want to surprise, do not miss these ideas that healthy life lovers will be happy to find under the tree on Christmas day.


An oil-free fryer

The oil-free fryers are an authentic revolution and those who try them become faithful and almost addicted to them. While It is necessary to include healthy fats such as olive oil in the diet, it is also true that you have to take them in moderation to save the line and avoid heavy digestions.

There are oil-free deep fryers on the market that, even doing their function almost magically by frying food by moving the particles naturally present in them, They also function as authentic cooking robots, baking, gratinating or reheating food, saving time, money and space, making cooking in a heartbeat tasty dishes in the healthiest way, no fumes and no bad smells in the kitchen! A great gift for all those who choose to take care of themselves and healthy food but do not have much time to cook.


A vegetable spiralizer

A vegetable spiralizer is an indispensable tool for all those who take care of their diet and follow a healthy diet. For vegetarians, vegans and fitness dishes as well as for healthy diets that want to include more vegetables in their menus or slimming diets, a spiralizer is an element that should not be missing in your kitchen. What this handy gadget does is to help you easily make vegetable noodles such as zucchini, squash, carrot … to make pasta dishes to eat without regret. You can add sauces to taste, Bolognese, pesto, mustard sauce, cheese …

It is a way to make a trickster emulating a plate of rich pasta but without the inconvenience of getting fed up with traditional pasta. Vegetable pasta helps control weight, controls blood sugar levels and provides a feeling of fullness and plenty of fiber, in addition to having a high nutritional value condensed in very few calories. Any lover of healthy cooking will be happy to have this item to prepare their dishes.


An eco conscious book

Surely someone from your family or your friends (even yourself) has moved to the echo side. Use less plastic, cook without toxic and try to minimize the impact of waste on the environment. For those people who are respectful of nature and waste management, they are interested in being able to bring that eco consciousness to the home., using efficient but at the same time sustainable cleaning products. The Green & Clean book by Teresa Pinyol has tricks that manage to have an optimal cleaning of the home with gestures and products that do not harm the planet or affect the health of people living in the house. A guide based on popular wisdom and proven principles of effectiveness. A perfect gift for all those people who want to take care of their health and that of our planet.


A crock pot

The Crock Pot or slow cooker is the way to return to the grandmother's kitchen but without having to be aware of the kitchen during the cooking time. It is a way of recovering that old way of doing things, cooked over low heat but disregarding the process, what lover of good healthy cooking would not want something like that? But the benefits of cooking in Crock Pot go beyond a good stew since this kitchen tool gives you the same quality, flavor and result that you would get in a traditional cooked over low heat but saving time and money. While your Crock Pot cooks you can do other things and when she finishes she even keeps the food warm, it has a very low power consumption!. A fabulous gift for lovers of traditional cuisine and who can not spend time cooking.


Extra virgin olive oil

Every lover of healthy cooking loves extra virgin olive oil and giving him EVOO premium is a sure hit. To dress the salads, enrich vegetable creams, give that special touch to a toast at breakfast … Olive oil is our liquid gold and, in addition to having wonderful healthy properties, it is a luxury for the palate.

If you choose a pack with different varieties, the lucky recipient of the gift will have the opportunity to try different flavors. Opt for organic oils to surprise that healthy gourmet that you have in mind, I am sure you will thank you very much and your health even more!

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