These are the natural remedies that you can do at home to combat dandruff

Surely, you wonder what will be the most effective solution to remove dandruff from your hair and clothes. Many times you have bought shampoos from various brands that have done a great job on your scalp, leaving it smooth and free of dryness, but what happens in a few months; We already know, dandruff returns. This is why we recommend a more effective solution.

And these are the natural remedies for dandruff that you can apply to your hair and see really regenerative results.

Why are natural remedies often more effective than a short-term shampoo?

The Natural medicine for dandruff they are usually an important point for the cell regeneration of our body. Many of the times these types of natural remedies do not contain chemical additives for their long duration which allows a more effective result and what many people ignore is that any natural treatment made at home can be bottled in glass and will last longer and effective until the end of its use date.

When we talk about the biology of our hair we will understand that it is basically composed of collagen that is nothing more and nothing less than vitamin C and vitamin E. Zinc is also a perfect complement to strengthen our scalp. Feeding our thick skin will allow it to feel more fresh and will reactivate the cells of our scalp helping the growth and shine of our hair.

To activate these vitamins as natural remedies and fight dandruff that almost leaves you crazy, it is important not only that you consume these vitamins that you can find in carrots, lemons, oranges, grapefruits and others. But also boil the same fruits preferably whole or their peels so that you can use the cold water as a natural toner after your bath and you can help your scalp to cool down.

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The best detail is knowing that the Natural medicine They are perfectly digestible throughout our body and that it easily feeds and processes all the nutrients contained in these natural remedies that today we will teach you how to prepare at home and that will give you the best results so that healthy skin and dandruff-free hair last and free from dryness.

Egg, oatmeal and lemon peel shampoo

This will be an excellent gel for your hair and you can wash it off leaving a fresh lemon-lime scent. Cereals contain revitalizing components such as vitamin B5, which is one of the main components to combat baldness and best of all, they will not be extra processed. You can trust that they come from your own hand.

To live the experience of a small 500 ml bottle, you just have to add a whole egg, 50g of previously soaked oatmeal flakes with a gelatinous texture and lemon peels boiled in 2 large cups of water. Once you have the ingredients ready, you just have to liquefy and re-liquefy to dissolve so that there is nothing left over. You can add a few drops of some shampoo or dissolve blue soap in water and add the slimy gel that comes out of the solution.

This recipe will help you rinse and cleanse your hair with an excellent shampoo. Once you have washed your hair you can add lemon tea as a cold natural tonic. You will see the big changes in your skin and scalp. Give a positive touch to natural remedies for dandruff 2020.

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Sometimes we want to let our hair down or just give our hair a little care in addition to our common cleaning. That is why natural remedies do not remain in one version. You can apply these natural dandruff remedies in different ways and on different occasions when you don't necessarily have to put soap on your hair.

We know that cleaning is ideal but it is also important to recognize that the soap on our scalp every day generates dryness and becomes an aggressive constant for our pores and skin. So if we want healthy hair and healthy skin, let's take into account the possibility of making a cream for the days when we wet our hair and we only want to rinse or even leave it permanent.

To start with the preparation of your natural remedies based on dried fruits and make them an enriched combing cream, you just have to put your nuts, be they almonds or walnuts and perhaps both soak. This will take about 4 hours to soak (you can leave them overnight). Use the same water or if they absorbed it and grew just add 3 fingers of water to the blender.

You can add orange juice but especially for this cream we suggest that you boil the orange peels until they take on a very soft texture. This will take 20-40 min in enough water.

It is very important that when you add to the mixture you extract the water so that it is a creamy but not sticky texture. There you will have to have a good eye to add the amount of water from the oranges so that you can feel it dissolve in your hands.

Don't forget to add aloe vera gel to your natural remedies. This will only take a minute. Cut the aloe leaf and clean it of any yellow or brown iodine residue. Cut the green areas and with a spoon extract the gel little by little. You can also cut into pieces and blend.

Aloe Vera balances PH and helps hair growth due to its high content of iodine and vitamins A, B, C and E. It is highly antibacterial, which will allow you to feel less itching, dryness, itching and other symptoms of dandruff.

Once everything is mixed, you can apply this cream to your hair to comb and brush it. It will give you an excellent shine and care. And if you have curls it will be great to keep them molded.


It seems false but it is true that yogurt contains special properties to combat all bacteria and dryness of our skin. This is one of the most effective natural remedies for its high nutritional content from the base of cow's milk and for its fermentation levels that activate leukocytes, which are the great fighters for cell regeneration and that have the function of creating layers in our immune system to strengthen it and fill us with vitality in each organ of our body.

This cream is perfect for our skin and you will see that it will not be more expensive than the creams you get in stores. And in case the comment is wrong about the costs, your investment will be positive and more effective, refreshing and completely revitalizing.

Yogurt is one of the most effective natural remedies for all types of skin conditions and it is quite possible that it will be completely effective in fixing dandruff. You can make a homemade yogurt and add the fruit of your choice.


Nothing is better integrated than our human biology and the mechanisms of development and feeding based on what the earth itself gives us. Natural remedies are usually a simple solution that helps us to know ourselves a little more within the human body that is part of the earth and its high power in harmonic feedback.

We have adapted our solutions to the limiting beliefs of a consumer market that has been dis-adapting to our solutions just to market. And we have the most effective solution in our hands.

You just have to take a look at our patio and acquire what the earth gives us to make the best natural home remedies for the whole family and get rid of taboos and expenses that we often cannot afford. A little reading will also be valid to confirm accredited information and free ourselves from the typical rumors and doubts that are generated when using a plant or natural medicine made at home.

Best of all, our recommendations do not leave the context of what we already know as foods that do our body well. This does not apply unless we already have longer conditions.

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