These are the most common causes for which you retain fluids

Surely you've lived this situation sometime: you wake up in the morning and you you feel heavy. There have been some bags (which were not there before, of course) giant under your eyes. You have a swollen gut, your feet do not fit into your shoes and your legs are more bulky than normal. What happens? It is probably liquid retention. If you suffer from this problem you will know that getting rid of it is not easy. But decipher the Causes It may be the key to fix it.

According to Spanish Heart Foundation, fluid retention, also called edema It is a excessive accumulation of liquids in the tissues. This condition can be pathological or non-pathological, and it is essential to differentiate between the two.

The first may be caused by different problems, such as circulatory, renal difficulties … while the second is due to causes related to the dilation of the veins depending on the temperatures.

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What can make it worse?

-The excessive salt intake: Going with salt can damage the heart due to the alteration of blood pressure. How much less salt, less fluid retention. As reported by the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC), its consumption should be very limited and even non-existent. What to use instead? Herbs, spices, lemon or vinegar. Although we must also take into account the salt presented in processed foods.

-Don't drink enough Water: Hydration is essential for the general well-being of the organism. And especially not to retain liquids. If you drink water, you will go more frequently to the bathroom and therefore, you will not feel so swollen.

-Due to mismatch horomonal: fluid retention is a particularly common problem in women. Especially before menstruation.

What solution exists?

If it is a non-pathological cause, food and physical activity can be the key to alleviate this problem. And, fruits and vegetables that are very rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances, such as pineapple, citrus fruits and red fruits are especially beneficial.

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