These are the ideal markets in Toulouse for a very fun express getaway through French lands

Not too close, not too far. Not too big, not too small either. Toulouse, also known as “the Pink City”, is the perfect destination where to escape for a weekend. A different, fun and very complete plan. The key? The markets of him. Of cheeses, meats, wines, books, antiques… Options for all tastes (and also budgets).

A French city that maintains many links with Spain, since it was the capital of the Republican exile after the Spanish Civil War. Consequently, Spanish is a common language and the lifestyle, keeping the distance, also has many points in common. It is considered the most Spanish of the French cities.

Toulouse stands out for its charm and especially for its endless markets. Of cheeses, wines, oils, books, second-hand pieces, vinyl, kitchen utensils, trinkets and much more. There is no corner of the city that does not have one. Keep reading to discover the most emblematic.

The Marche de Cristal is one of the most emblematic of Toulouse. / TOULOUSE TOURISM

Broncante des Allées: ephemeral but magnificent

The first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each month the Brocante des Allées flea market in the heart of Toulouse, specifically, in the tree-lined avenues of Forain-françois Verdier. A market for all audiences and tastes because you can find everything. From very specialized exhibitors to very general ones. And by generalists we mean stacking a series of objects without any logic and going to sell them so as not to have them at home anymore.

A habitual appointment of the inhabitants of Toulouse, which are rarely lost unless bad weather or other situations of the same magnitude do not allow it to be done. But it is also completely open to visitors who want to find some detail that reminds them of their time in this curious place. practical advice: go on Friday and first thing in the morning to be able to choose the best pieces.

In Toulouse there are endless old and current book markets for all tastes. / PEXELS

Books also have their place in the city

Throughout the entire city, you will find bouquinistes or old book stalls and current. In all languages, sizes, modalities, prices… so that the return home is very entertaining. The main ones are in the St. Etienne Square, Cathedral Square and Saint Pierres Square and they are usually open only in the morning, although it can vary depending on the time of year.

Rue Fermat and its magnificent antique dealers

One of the most emblematic streets of Toulouse is undoubtedly the Rue Fermat thanks to its antique dealers. Unique pieces, design but at all prices. There is no person who leaves there without some detail, no matter how small. Works of art of all imaginable materials, sizes and colors that have turned the street into a mandatory stop.

Olives, cheeses, meats, cakes… and much more!

And how could it be otherwise, food also has its place in the city. And boy does it have it! Endless markets of all products to prepare delicious recipes. The French are lovers of good cuisine and there is no better plan than a meeting with good cheese, their perfect wine and ending the evening with a Le Fénétrathe city’s typical dessert made with shortcrust pastry filled with apricot and candied lemon and topped with an almond sponge cake.

The food markets are the most emblematic of Toulouse and are distributed throughout the city. / TOULOUSE TOURISM

The victor hugo covered market, is the largest in the city and is located between the boulevards and the Capitole square. The place where the greatest experts of Toulouse food: suppliers of meat, cheese, fish, fruit, vegetables, sweets, etc. The ideal place for a technical stop to recharge your batteries with a Galete de la Garonne (sausage with figs) or a pavé toulousain (cobblestone-shaped cheese).

Another of the most famous is the Saint-Cyprien district market, the oldest in the city and that has managed to maintain its initial silhouette with a unique metal structure. The meeting point of many toulousains and toulousaines who go to chat while having a good wine and a portion of cold cuts and regional cheeses.

The crystal market, the largest in the open air, is the most popular in the city. prevails for its wide variety of fruits and vegetables that stand out for their colors at the stalls that are located along the boulevards between Place Jeanne d’Arc and Arnaud-Bernad.

Criollo is one of the most emblematic chocolate shops in Toulouse and its surroundings. / Creole

And for the most curious…

exist many other markets to visit in the city of Toulouse. But there are also other places to take into account, especially if you are one of those people who wants to make the most of it and discover all the details. A mandatory stop is Creole, the quintessential chocolate shop in the city. His five-spice bonbon is from another planet.

Another good example is The Garonnee Expo, a collective of local artists who exhibit their works almost every Sunday in Place de la Daurade. And to finish, the perfect plan for cheese lovers: the store Xavier is one of the best cheese refiners in the world. Star tip: Let yourself be advised and try everything that he proposes because it will surely be a variety that you have never tried. We warn you, the one that smells the worst is the most typical and is delicious.