These are the ice creams that get more and less fat

With the arrival of summer and heat waves, ice cream becomes our flagship product. However, the concentration of fats and sugars They make it not the healthiest option.

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has carried out a study in which it is explained, analyzing 106 ice cream calories, which ones gain more and which less.

For this, several factors have to be taken into account: not only the sugar and fat of each of them, but also the size; Therefore, those who are XXL are going to gain more weight than the rest.

According to the report, there are eight categories of ice cream: American (10% fat), from cream (contains at least 8% milk fat), from milk (they are made with both whole and skim milk), frozen (like the ones we can find in bola ball format ’in ice cream parlors), with cchocolate overture (contain cocoa butter), sorbet (80% water), pole (90% water) and hailstorm ("They are water ice cream, although in a semi-solid state," explains the organization).

On the other hand, the 'light ice cream'they would not differ almost with respect to the conventional ones in what to calories refers, and the frozen yogurts They have little to do with what would be a yogurt ice cream.

Following these criteria, these would be the 10 ice creams that more fattening regarding its kilocalories:

Cornetto XXL Chocolate (Frigo) – 384 kcal

Cornetto XXL (Frigo) – 380 kcal

Negriton (Frigo) – 331 kcal

Maxibon Cookie (Nestlé) – 319 kcal

Maxibon Black Cookie (Nestlé) – 317 kcal

Maxibon Custard 2.0 (Nestle) – 317 kcal

Maxibon Nata (Nestlé) – 311 kcal

Magnum Almonds (Frigo) – 285 kcal

Magnum Double Chocolate (Frigo) – 283 kcal

Magnum Double Caramel (Frigo) – 280 kcal

While the 5 ice creams that less fattening regarding their kilocalories they would be:

Dracula (Frigo) – 48 kcal

Pirulo Bazooka (Nestlé) – 52 kcal

Solero berries (Frigo) – 52 kcal

Solero Mango (Frigo) – 58 kcal

Pirulo Sandía (Nestlé) – 59 kcal

Frigo pie (Frigo) – 68 kcal

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