These are the foods that you should not combine in the same meal

What you eat is as important as how you eat it. This tongue twister comes to say that you should pay more attention to the mix of foods in your healthy menus because some combinations can result in refills. Take note of the foods you should not combine in the same meal If you have recurring digestion problems.


Divine treasure digestion

Poor digestion can lead to real health problems, malaise, tiredness, heaviness, bloating, gas … symptoms that you can save if you make sure to give your body a correct combination of nutrients that make digestion more agile and easy. Keep in mind that less is more in this case, eating less different food digestion will be much easier and you will feel lighter, more agile and more energetic.

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So that the body does not make extra efforts there are certain mixtures of foods that you should keep away from your plate, why does this happen? Well simply because the stomach secretes different enzymes to degrade and transform food nutrients, enzymes that can interfere with each other making digestion become a real nightmare for your stomach.

Benefits of a correct combination of foods

Properly combining food would mean having a good digestion, thus preventing food from fermenting in the intestine. When this occurs gas, stomach discomfort and abdominal swelling occur, so many times you feel swollen without getting fat and then suddenly you have your abdomen in normal conditions. A bad combination of food is to blame.


Improving digestion prevents heartburn and heartburn, you also get rid of toxins that occur when there are digestive problems and that accumulate in the body, therefore you will feel better and with more energy, in addition to having an effective weight control by correctly metabolizing all the nutrients you eat. Do you need more reasons to start combining food correctly?


Starchy foods and acidic foods

Both types of food need different enzymes to digest and in this case it would be acidic foods that would prevent the correct digestion of starchy foods.

The enzyme amylase secreted by the salivary glands and the pancreas, transforms the starch of foods such as rice, bread, cereals or potatoes into glucose. However, when we eat acidic foods such as tomatoes, oranges, vinegar, grapefruit, lemons … that acidity of the food will inhibit the action of the enzyme amylase, what would happen then? Well, the digestion of starchy foods would not be easily done but would require more time and effort on the part of the body, making heavy digestion and causing abdominal swelling, burning, gas … The typical tomato paste or rice would be a bad idea even if it seems a lie.


Fruits (almost) always alone

This you will have heard or read thousands of times but it has its explanation. Fruits are digested and fermented quickly so it is advisable to take them alone, or half an hour before meals, to avoid interfering with the digestion of other foods.

There are fruits that they ferment more slowly like apple, bananas or coconut, these are the ones that you can use in your breakfasts mixed with oatmeal for example in a porridge or with buckwheat flakes.


And animal proteins?

Eating vegetable protein such as meat, fish, cheese or eggs requires large amounts of stomach acids for digestion so they are long digested. So that this digestion is done correctly, the ideal is to consume the protein alone or in combination with vegetables, but non-starchy vegetables. What does this mean? So as not to interfere with the amylase and that the digestion becomes heavy and causes problems, it is best to eat your protein with vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, green beans, asparagus … no potatoes, carrots or sweet potatoes. This way your stomach can make a better digestion.


Starchy foods

And you will say, what about starchy foods? Well do not worry because it is not necessary to do without them to have good stomach health. You can consume them alone (buuu how boring!) But tYou can also combine them with vegetables, with and without starch, and also with legumes, so of course you could eat some lentils with rice and vegetables or a plate of pesto pasta with vegetables or sauteed with broccoli and mushrooms.


Although legumes combine perfectly with vegetables, they are not recommended combined with animal protein if you have digestion problems.

If you usually have problems with bloating, burning and / or gas frequently, try combining food in this way, maybe your problem is that the nutrient mixture is being inadequate and produces fermentation and slow digestion. It is important what you eat but also how you eat it.

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