These are the foods that should disappear forever from your diet

If you have decided to take care of yourself and have a healthy diet and a lifestyle that you should have already banished some harmful foods from your shopping cart. Although there are many ultra-processed ones that you should not take again to take care of your health and your line, take note of these 5 unhealthy foods You shouldn't eat again.

Industrial pastries

They are very caloric and do not provide almost fiber so they are not very satiating and you will be hungry shortly after eating an industrial bun. Its sugars are absorbed quickly by the blood raising glucose levels and causing insulin spikes that, in addition to making you fat, are not healthy for the body.


What the industrial pastries will bring you is hydrogenated or trans fat, sugar, additives and preservatives, a cocktail very little recommended if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Forget all those packaged buns and opt for homemade pastries, there are many delicious recipes in which you do not have to add sugar, you can substitute sugar for banana, dates, agave syrup … and enjoy rich and healthy brownies, biscuits, cookies … Do not give up the pastries, just avoid the industrial if you want to live healthier.


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And yes, we also talk about the so-called light and zero sugar because if they are not full of sugar they are loaded with artificial sweeteners that will do little good to your body. Among its ingredients you will see a lot of chemicals, preservatives, additives etc, etc …

The ideal is to avoid soda forever but if you are very hooked, or accustomed, you can gradually reduce their intake and replace them by natural juices (in moderation), sparkling water and lemon, flavored water (with cucumber, ginger, peppermint …), infusions …



Consumption of refined sugar has been linked to the risk of suffering from cancer or developing type 2 diabetes. Sweets are made with a lot of sugar, or artificial sweeteners failing that, practically 90-95% of its ingredients are sugar but they also have an unhealthy preservatives and ingredients. Look closely at their list of ingredients, you'll see that they have ingredients that are hard to pronounce, run away and don't look back!

We must not abandon the goodies completely, you can make your own healthy sweets like with agar agar, fruit puree and lemon juiceThey are delicious and you can use fun molds so you don't miss the sugar-filled supermarket bags. And you can also opt for sweet snacks like raisins, dates or honey.


Industrial packaged juice

Packaged juices usually have a large amount of sugar among their ingredients and, in addition, for a long time squeezed the fruit juice they contain has lost a good part of its vitamins and nutritional benefits. Fortunately, in more and more supermarkets you can find machines that squeeze the juice at the moment and you can take it home freshly bottled, besides being able to make them at home yourself. Remember that it will always be better to eat the whole piece of fruit than to drink a juice since the fiber is in the pulp.


Frankfurt sausages

This ultraprocessed product should disappear from the one on your shopping list. Frankfurt sausages They are usually the result of elaborations with low quality meat and mixed with starches, starch, preservatives, additives … even sugar!

There are some fresh sausages that have a good percentage of meat under their belt, you just have to read the ingredients well, the less the better! It could be the alternative to the unusable sausages of Frankfurt.

To eat a healthy diet, opt for real food, increases the consumption of vegetables, fruit, fish, legumes and quality meat as well as healthy fats and avoid ultraprocessed foods as much as possible, these five should start to cross them off your shopping list, and forever.

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