These are the foods that make you sweat more

The diet affects our body as the type of gasoline influences the operation of a vehicle. It depends on what we eat in summer, and at any time of the year, our body will react in different ways. We tell you what are the foods that make you sweat more (for a short time) during the hot months.


The coffee

Yes, no matter what you order or drink with ice, coffee will make you sweat too much, why? Because of its caffeine content. Caffeine increases heart rate and stimulates metabolism. This excitation of the nervous system activates sweating. eye! With tea the process is similar.

Choose drink water, juices, smoothies, infused water … This will keep you hydrated without the risk of sweating a drop of more.


The Spice

Spicy foods raise body temperature and metabolic rate so they cause this sweating effect, which although it does not last for a long time, you have to take into account. This increase in temperature is due to a substance called capsaicin, responsible for the spicy taste of some foods like pepper or chilli.


The alcohol

Those reeds, those mojitos or those vinitos de terraceo may be causing you to sweat more in summer. Alcohol consumption increases blood circulation speed and blood pressure and also raises blood sugar levels So the body is activated to thermoregulate and sweating occurs.

Alcohol is seen by the body as a toxin to eliminate so it also tends to try to discard it in the urine or through sweat.


The cheese

Very fatty and highly processed dairy cheeses hinder the digestive process and therefore raise body temperature and perspiration for the work done by the metabolism to digest food. Choose light cheeses or alternative formulas such as vegan to avoid this digestive disorder, your stomach will thank you too.

The junk food

Hypercaloric foods make digestion difficult what metabolism has to work harder to process and digest food. During this process the body temperature and perspiration increases.

Forget the French fries, prepared meals like pizza or hamburgers or ice cream with cookies because they are going to make you sweat the fat drop more than in the gym and without the benefits of doing sports.


This rise in body temperature is momentary, it can make you sweat as soon as you take the intake and for a short time while digesting them. This means that you are going to sweat more at first but then the body tends to self regulate So it is not an effect that will be maintained over time, fortunately.

Diet is another factor to regulate body temperature. In addition to taking care of food, drink enough water, especially if you play sports or expose yourself to the sun. Include fresh fruits and vegetables and stay hydrated in your menus, with light clothes of natural fabrics and accessories such as hats or fans.

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