These are the first signs of Alzheimer's (and why you should keep them in mind)

Alzheimer's It is a degenerative and progressive disease in which the symptoms of dementia gradually get worse over the years. It begins with a slight memory loss, but in its final stage people lose the ability to hold a conversation. Today, it is not completely known what the causes of the disease are or why it occurs, and although it affects more frequently to people over 65, minors can also suffer from it.

In Spain, it is estimated that there are 800,000 people with the disease, each year 40,000 new cases are diagnosed and it is estimated that in the coming decades they will increase due to population aging and to the increase in life expectancy. At first, the signs appear to be normal age-related problems, but if left untreated, the effects of the condition go well beyond forgetting some names. Every minute counts, and therefore the magazine 'Best Life' has decided to list some signs that, despite being frequent, can be confused or ignored.

The sense of smell

If before you could smell the cookies while they were baking and lately notes that this sense fails you a little, watch yourself. According to the National Institute on Aging, losing the sense of smell could be a crucial symptom of the disease, so, to put aside doubts, it is best to talk to your trusted doctor.

Forgot dates and events

Usually we attribute to Alzheimer's all that we forget, and sometimes we even allow ourselves to frivolize and joke about it. The truth is that in many cases it is normal not to remember what you had for dinner last Thursday, but if you start to forget about important dates and important events, it could be an early sign.

Wearing clothing that is inappropriate for the weather, neglecting hygiene or not being able to perform simple tasks (such as recipes) are early symptoms

Pay attention to how often you miss small things, and if it starts to become a persistent problem, talk to a doctor about the possibility of suffering dementia. Similarly, one of the most overwhelming things suffered by people suffering from this disease is forgetting the names of those around them, is a devastating symptom and, unfortunately, one of the most common, so be careful.

Where did I leave it?

Not only can you start to forget the names of some everyday objects, it is also normal to confuse some things from site. Every once in a while we lose our cell phone or keys (with the subsequent mini-infarction that this implies) or we are wrong leaving the milk on top of a closet, but for people with Alzheimer's misplace possessions and placing them in places that don't make sense happens with surprising frequency, according to the Mayo Clinic.

When starting conversations

If you have always been the king of the party and suddenly you discover that you cannot even greet an old friend, this could be one of the first signs of Alzheimer's, and it is also a vicious circle: people with the disease often avoid starting conversations To hide his mental deterioration.

Get lost in familiar places

There is no worse feeling than losing yourself completely and not knowing how to return home, and for people with Alzheimer's that can be something everyday, even in places that should be familiar.

Basic tasks

As people get older, it is normal for them to take longer to complete some tasks, as both their physical and mental performance get worse. However, if you are losing the ability to develop or follow plans and you also have serious problems concentrating (So ​​things take considerably longer than they used to), perhaps it could indicate the disease.

Suspicion of others

You have sudden mood swings, lately you feel more aggressive … and you no longer trust the people around you. Some people with early Alzheimer's begin to suspect those around them. The combination of confusion and memory loss You can contribute to these false beliefs.

You wear inappropriate clothes

Those who are in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease often begin to show a disconcerting symptom: dressing inappropriately for the weather. Short dresses in winter? Coats at 40 degrees? If someone catches your attention or suddenly you start dressing like this, it could be an early symptom.

Not only that, sometimes hygiene can also be The Achilles heel. Due to changes in the cognitive function that occur when the disease afflicts you, basic things like taking baths or showers, changing clothes and flossing can become more difficult.

You have trouble making calls

Just as you can forget conversations or places, you can also start having certain difficulties when calling your sister, from whom you knew the number perfectly, or maybe to the pizzeria where you usually pick up food every Friday. If you are experiencing changes associated with early Alzheimer's, you may find it hard to remember those numbers that you knew before. Therefore, the best thing is that if you have any questions, go to a doctor to stay calm and solve all your problems.