These are the eight plants that need less water and are perfect for summer

Plants always add to the decoration of any space. This feeling of nature, harmony and paz that they give off make them become a highly appreciated deco accessory in homes. But many times we must give them up because we do not have time to take care of them. As a result? An investment that pays nothing because in the blink of an eye they are already dead. But don’t worry, we have the solution: low-watering plants, The best indoor plants to decorate your house.

It’s time to leave behind the “I don’t have plants because I don’t have time to take care of them” and go for those that don’t require much care. Having a plant at home will undoubtedly change a lot the air that is breathed in the environment. There are even plants and flowers that will cheer you up when you return to the office after the long summer holidays. Here is a selection for you to discover the eight plants that need less water And they are perfect for summer.

Cacti are the quintessential plants that hardly require care to survive. / PEXELS

1. Cactus: the quintessential plant that hardly requires watering

Both for interior and exterior. At home or in the office. The ideal plant for flower novices. Which? The Cactus. A species that has been crowned as the one that needs the least care. A myth that is actually true, since normally it only needs to be watered every 10-15 days. In other words, the plant that allows you to take your well-deserved vacation because it will be waiting for you when you return.

Kentia is a tropical plant that does not require much care and that adapts to any room. / PEXELS

2. Kentia: a moderately watered tropical plant

A exotic and attractive plant that always triumphs anywhere is the Kentia. The best? In addition to being wonderful, very decorative, it hardly requires maintenance. As long as it is located in a place with a lot of light (although not direct) and moderate watering is enough. It is available in various sizes and varieties and stands out for being voluminous and showy. The plant that will surely not go unnoticed and your guests will adore.

Sansevieria is a plant that purifies the air and helps to feel better at home. / VERDECORA

3. Sansevieria: the quintessential plant that purifies the air

One of the plants that needs less care is undoubtedly the Sansevieria. This is thanks to its thick leaves that manage to store a lot of water and consequently stay perfect for much longer. Watering it once a month during the winter and every 15 or 3 weeks in the summer is enough. The perfect plant for people who are short on time or extremely lazy. In addition, it is very beautiful and elegant and withstands all kinds of temperatures well.

A perfect plant both to go on a table, standing or even hanging. / VERDECORA

4. Potho, a plant that requires water and little else

Poto It is a plant that requires a lot of light but little watering. When its surface layer has dried, then it will be time to give it a little more water. In addition, it is a type of plant that practically does not need fertilizer changes, so it could almost live with practically only water, which accumulates in its stems. Practical, comfortable but above all, elegant.

Succulents are the tabletop plants par excellence: elegant, practical and low-watering. / APRIL PLANTS

5. Succulent, the perfect plant for centerpieces

If you are a lover of decorating tables with beautiful centerpieces, succulent plants they are your best option. Very varied and elegant plants to adapt to all kinds of occasions. They hardly require irrigation, but they do need more continuous care of the substrate, since it must have enough minerals for it to grow healthy and strong. A plant that needs a lot of light, but not direct, and that withstands sudden changes in temperature well.

One solution for dimly lit homes is to add peace lily, a plant that brings light and serenity to any home. / ORCHARD PLANET

6. Peace lily, ideal for houses with low light

Also know as peace lily, this variety of plant is magnificent for the interior, since it brings tranquility and serenity. The reason? It is another of the quintessential plants that purifies space. Ideal to incorporate in houses with little light and that lack a decorative touch, since its intense green and its great density means that it does not go unnoticed. Watering them once a week will suffice, although twice a week is better in summer or when the soil is not wet.

Violets are ideal for adding the necessary touch of color to any corner without losing elegance. / APRIL PLANTS

7. Violet, the necessary touch of color

Do you want color and light in your home? Then opt for the violets. Plants available in various colors but at the right point to maintain class and elegance and at the same time, provide the light that is so necessary inside our homes. Grateful flowers that hardly require care, and moderate watering is enough. The african violets, for example, are among the most resistant. But there are also other varieties that are just as suitable.


8. Ficus, style and elegance everywhere

Almost as if it were a tree. The ficus It is a very showy plant that gains presence in every corner. It is not surprising that it is crowned as one of the most used flowers to decorate, since it also needs very little watering. Once a month will be enough, but it does require a lot of light. Perfect for summer, as it can withstand high temperatures but be alert in winter, because it can’t stand temperatures below 13º.

Have you already decided on the ideal indoor plant for your home? All of them maintain the common characteristic that they are easy to maintain, but then they have their own characteristics that make them unique. Try combining various designs throughout your house and build an oasis without leaving home.