These are the best doctors of each specialty in Spain, according to Doctoralia

"Only the doctor and the playwright enjoy the rare privilege of receiving the troubles they give us", defined his profession by the most famous Spanish doctor in history, Santiago Ramón y Cajal. What was concealed in the ironic phrase of the Nobel Prize is that identifying these "troubles" is also an art and that, doing it in time, can save lives.

Thanks to contributions such as those of Ramón y Cajal, medicine has advanced by leaps and bounds and, over the years, it has been divided into a multitude of branches. The way of recognizing health professionals has adapted to the times and now there are ways to put in value each of these specialties, such as the awards that the platform delivers each year Doctoralia.

In this edition, the seventh, Anesthesia and Pain Treatment, Pulmonology and Radiology have been added to the list of medical specialties, which join those that were already awarded in the previous edition. Of the 450 nominees are 31 specialists who have been chosen as the most cutting-edge in their field of work, both by patients and by their own colleagues:

  • Allergology and Immunology: Isabel Fernández de Alba (Granada).
  • Anesthesia and Pain Treatment: Diego Benítez Pareja (Barbate).
  • Angiology and Vascular Surgery: Juan José Jiménez Ruano (Almería).
  • Digestive system: Luis Ricardo Rodrigo Sáez (Oviedo).
  • Cardiology: Daniel Gaitán Román (Vélez-Málaga).
  • General and digestive surgery: Adela Sáez Zafra (Granada).
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Beatriz Moralejo (Barcelona).
  • Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery: Javier Collado Alcázar (Malaga).
  • Dermatology: Anna Vilanova (Barcelona).
  • Endocrinology: David J. Palao Serrano (Melilla).
  • Physiotherapy: Elena Grifols Muñoz (Sant Pere de Ribes).
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics: Miriam Al Adib Mendiri (Almendralejo).
  • Speech therapy and logophoniatry: Naiara Riancho Blanco (Barakaldo).
  • Sports Medicine: Guillermo Recatero Rude (Marbella).
  • Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery: Yasmin Al Adib Mendiri (Almendralejo).
  • General, Family and Community Medicine: Jorge Huerta Preciado (Barcelona).
  • Internal Medicine: Manuel Menduiña Guillén (Granada).
  • Pneumology: Laura Sierra Herranz (Ponferrada).
  • Neurosurgery: José Manuel Valle Folgueral (León).
  • Neurology: Miguel Hervás García (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).
  • Odontology: Carla Carolina Herrera Hernández (Santa Cruz de Tenerife).
  • Ophthalmology: Daniel Velázquez Villoria (Vigo).
  • Otorhinolaryngology: Juan Luis Cabrera Hernández (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).
  • Pediatrics: Monica Garcia Tormo (Malaga).
  • Chiropody: Manuel Chamorro Rodero (Ciudad Real).
  • Psychology, Child Psychology and Psychopedagogy: Daniel Moscoso López (Madrid).
  • Psychiatry: Flavio Gutiérrez Pérez (Madrid).
  • Radiology: Enrique Javier Remartinez Escobar (Melilla).
  • Rheumatology: Manuel Barturone Castillo (Seville).
  • Traumatology: Fatima Conde Villalón (Granada).
  • Urology: Carlos Ramos Roncero (Madrid).

Evaluations of patients and colleagues

The criteria that have been taken into account to choose the most outstanding health specialists in the country are based on three pillars:

  • The patient opinions, focused on the criteria of care received, punctuality and facilities of the professional visited (counted from the beginning of the voting process).
  • The votes from fellow specialty: all the health professionals on the platform have been able to vote for the nominees of the same specialty according to criteria of professionalism, experience and trajectory.
  • The contribution that, until the last day, the nominees have made to the patient community. This contribution is measured taking into account their participation in the 'Ask the expert' service, the Doctoralia section that allows professionals to resolve patients' doubts about diseases and health-related issues.

"It is no longer only the most demanded specialties, such as Psychology or Gynecology, which have the most active professionals at the digital level, but this transformation reaches all specialists. The selection criteria of the Doctoralia Awards take this into account that is why this advance allows us, year after year, to broaden the spectrum and give more health professionals the opportunity to be voted and valued by their patients and their colleagues ", says Frederic Llordachs, partner and co-founder of Doctoralia.