These are the best diets to take care of your health and lose weight if you are a woman and have turned 50

Get a diet that loses weight while maintaining health and nutritional quality, is easy to followDon't be restrictive and offer an inexpensive way to eat is the holy grail of dieting. But that Grail exists and scientific studies prove it. After years of searching and comparing, we already know which are the best diets for women over 50 and are close to menopause: the Mediterranean and the DASH diet. We tell you how they are and what advantages they provide so that you can choose the one that best suits your lifestyle.


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Best diet for women over 50: the Mediterranean diet

Is one of the healthiest eating patterns out there throughout the world and we have it easier than anyone to follow its precepts and take advantage of its virtues because it is the diet that is closest to our tastes and raw materials.

What scientists and nutrition experts consider a Mediterranean diet includes considerably less meat than we currently eat in Spain, but if we can moderate our passion for red meat and processed to comply with its bases does not have to be complicated for anyone who lives in Spain.

The basis of a healthy Mediterranean diet is to eat vegetables at all meals (Let's not forget the tomato and onion sauce as the base of any dish), promotes the consumption of legumes several times a week, a good amount of fresh fruit a day (between fruits and vegetables you have to consume a minimum of seven daily servings), peck 30 grams of nuts a day (especially walnuts), abandon refined carbohydrates and replace them with whole grains and use extra virgin olive oil to cook. Proteins are provided, by appearance preference, by moderate amounts of fish (especially small blue fish), eggs, dairy products, poultry and red meat.

Following this eating pattern reduces the risk of many of the diseases that appear with age, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and mental decline. And best of all, a study led by the university of Navarra found that women who were in menopause or about to reach it reduced their risk of obesity and overweight by 30% if they remained faithful to this way of eating.


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Best diet for women over 50: the DASH diet

Its name obeys the acronym Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension And as you can deduce from those acronyms this diet was designed to take care of the heart health of hypertensive people. And let's not forget that almost 40% of Spanish women are hypertensive … although many do not know it. To have high blood pressure, unfortunately, has no symptoms But it does predispose you to serious heart disease, a risk that increases even further at menopause. Cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death from disease in Spain.

The DASH diet is capable of controlling at least one of these risks, that of hypertension, and it does so through a diet low in salt and all kinds of foods with sodium (goodbye ultra-processed) and rich in foods that have calcium, potassium and magnesiumsuch as fruits, skimmed dairy, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and moderate amounts of lean meats. Red meat and sweets are left for special occasions and processed meats are completely abandoned. The fact of reinforce the intake of these three minerals and abandon the ultra-processed ones loaded with salt Helps lower blood pressure.

As in the case of the Mediterranean diet, the DASH diet also contributes to weight loss in different ways. On the one hand, the foods you select for the menus have great satiating power, on the other, by eliminating the ultra-processed foods from the pantry (which are the foods that make us fatter and contribute the least), we save empty calories. If we want to further strengthen this result, research published in JAMA can help usAccording to this study, participants who combined the DASH diet with three half-hour exercise sessions every three days a week (10 minutes of warm-up and 30 minutes of walking, cycling or running) lost even more weight than those who alone they followed the diet.

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