These are the best alternatives to whole grain slimming pasta

It is not necessary to eat only lettuce and whole wheat pasta to lose weight, in fact it is not the most effective and healthy option. If you are already a little tired of taking whole wheat pasta in your meals and not seeing results, try replacing it with these foods that are a very good alternative and very healthy to include in your diet because they will really help you control your weight. Take note of these protein-laden grains (and suitable for celiac and gluten intolerant), which will make your diet more effective and healthy than ever.

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As a curiosity we tell you that the pre-Hispanic peoples mixed amaranth with honey to model figures of gods so that amaranth was banned when the first conquerors arrived in these lands. To this day, this grain that has exceptional nutritional value is widely used throughout the world.

It has a high content of vegetable proteins, much more than brown rice and wheat, in addition to including in them all the essential amino acids for the body. It does not contain gluten and its glycemic index is low so it is a perfect option for whole wheat pasta if you want to lose weight since amaranth would not raise blood glucose levels that cause insulin spikes that result in the accumulation of fat by the body.

Amaranth also contains a lot of fiber so It helps regulate the microbiota and eliminate toxins and waste substances as well as improve intestinal transit. Sign up amaranth as a perfect alternative to your whole grain pasta.


Although the most popular way to consume teff is in the form of flour, you can also consume the whole grain and cooked like any other grain. It does not contain gluten and is a formidable option to add in a healthy diet and / or weight loss.

Teff helps boost the immune system, It helps to balance the secretion of hormones in a natural way, is digestive, promotes intestinal transit, strengthens bones and is rich in fiber, protein, manganese, iron and calcium.

It is a slow-absorbing carbohydrate so it does not raise blood sugar levels sharply and, therefore, it is perfect for maintaining or losing weight, since the body is not going to store that excess blood sugar, which causes other foods such as wheat, in the form of fat.


Although its name may mislead buckwheat does not contain gluten. It also has a high protein content and specifically the amino acid lysine, this makes it a perfect protein source in vegan or vegetarian diets.

It is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial food, helps fight diseases, prevents cardiovascular diseases and regulates blood sugar levels. Buckwheat It is an antioxidant, combats the damage caused by free radicals that cause premature cell aging. It is satiating, prevents constipation and is very rich in vitamins and minerals. A superfood that you should include in your diet already.


Quinoa It has become very fashionable among healthy lovers for a few years. Like the previous ones, it also does not contain gluten, a substance that is associated with the appearance of leaky gut, and has a large load of proteins of plant origin.

It has a low glycemic index so it regulates blood sugar levels as it is a slow assimilation carbohydrate. It provides energy and vitality, and is a great source of minerals and vitamins. It promotes good brain function and is attributed the property of calming the nervous system thanks to an amino acid called tyrosine, in addition to providing well-being and calm thanks to tryptophan and glycine.

You can cook it the same way you would do with rice, sauteed, broth, as a side dish… It is very versatile and will help you maintain weight and a much healthier organism.


Millet is one of the richest grains in iron, so it is recommended in cases of anemia or physical fatigue or to prevent such cases. It brings a lot of energy and a good cocktail of vitamins, especially those of group B, this makes it especially interesting for pregnancy and lactation.

Promotes cell regeneration and helps strengthen and beautify skin, hair and nails. Speeds recovery after physical exertion thanks to its magnesium contentThis makes millet an excellent food to avoid cramps and give more strength to the muscles.

If you have proposed to follow a weight loss diet Millet is a great option to control weight, as well as to reduce stress levels and even headaches.

Choose any of these five alternatives to whole wheat both to keep the scale at bay and to follow a healthier lifestyle provided your body with foods of great biological value. If you thought there was no life after whole wheat pasta, you were very wrong. Do you sign up to try these five superfoods?

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