These are the benefits of smiling

Anti-stress. If you are immersed in a tense situation, smile. That smile will help you stabilize your emotions and, even, reduce the stress level of the group around you. In addition, at the University of Kansas (USA) demonstrated that people who smiled at the same time that they carried out a stressful activity, recorded a slower cardiac activity.

Energizing. Believe it or not, smile improves sports performance. When measuring the breathing of 24 runners, researchers from the University of Texas (USA) found that those who ran smiling decreased the cost of oxygen by 2.78% compared to those who did it with a frown.

And if you laugh, better yet

The virtues of the smile multiply if it evolves into spontaneous laughter. Laughing prevents muscle contractures, cleans the eyes and activates the brain, especially the areas that process language and memory while causing it to produce gamma waves, the same ones that are achieved by doing meditation.