These are the areas of your house that you have to disinfect the most to have a Covid free home

The cleaning our house has become a mess Because now it does not matter so much that things are clean as that they are also free of all kinds of germs (and coronaviruses). And that Civid-free disinfection can only be achieved by using the right products in the areas of our home that need it most. But do we know what those areas are?

To clear this and many other doubts KH7 has partnered with the Red Cross in a campaign to spread good cleaning habits that comes to us like a finger ring and that includes a very complete manual for cleaning and disinfecting the home. We have extracted from its pages What are the surfaces of your house that I pay the most attention to? you have to lend while the pandemic lasts to have a coronavirus-free house. If you want to know more, don't hesitate to download the guide.

Cleaning and disinfection of the access areas to the house

They are, obviously, one of the areas with the highest risk of germs and coronaviruses. In fact, elements such as the knob of the exterior door of the house and should be cleaned and disinfected daily to enter home safely. And common items like push buttons, elevator doors or the railing need weekly disinfection.

Although you can hardly believe it, the kitchen is the place in the house that accumulates the most germs. Make sure it is well disinfected.

The most disinfected in the kitchen: the cutting board and countertops

There are elements of our kitchen more prone than others to sustain unwanted life in the form of viruses and bacteria. It is the case of counter tops, sink, sink and kitchen faucet or garbage can. But only some of these elements need disinfection after each use: the boards on which we cut food and the countertops. The rest of the elements of our kitchen (fridge included) with a weekly disinfection should be safe from coronavirus.

The key points of bathroom disinfection

We tend to think that it is the dirtiest and most polluted place in our house … and although it doesn't hurt to clean it daily, disinfection can be weekly, with special emphasis on the areas with the greatest presence of germs: the drain, the exterior and interior of the toilet, the brush and the support or glass in which you leave the toothbrush.


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And how often do you have to disinfect the television remote control?

If we heed the recommendations to wash our hands with soap and water (especially when returning from the street) the rest of the elements of our house that we usually touch, such as Computer keyboards, television controls, lamp switches, or door (and drawer) handles need weekly disinfection. The same happens with the ground we walk on, children's toys or our pets' feeders and troughs.

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