These are the activities you should avoid at all costs after suffering an injury

A injury It is the worst nightmare of athletes, both amateurs and professionals, since, regardless of the exercise and the amount of training performed, they can always appear. And one of the great concerns is being able to determine what activities are not recommended after an injury.

Precisely, to avoid this type of situation, it is not illogical that one of the biggest doubts of the people who train is how to prevent sports injuries.

First of all, it is necessary to detail that an injury can be both mild and severe in which there is muscle pain caused by a sprain, strain, tear, tendon inflammation or even bone fracture, among others.

lesions can be grouped into two groups

Generally, all injuries come from two causes:

– Due to overload. Also known as chronic injuries, since they develop over long periods, that is, during a sport developed for a long time or repetitive training. In this group tendon inflammations such as fractures could be included.

– Due to acute trauma. In this case they are caused by a blow or falls. Fractures, sprains, cuts, contusions and strains can be mentioned in the group.

The same They can be caused by different causes, such as lifting too much weight, lack of flexibility, performing exercises poorly or positioning yourself in the wrong postures, overexerting a muscle, wearing inappropriate footwear or not wearing the required protection.

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Overuse is one of the most common causes of injuries.

To these cases it can also be added that many people, due to the same enthusiasm that training causes them or to see the physical, mental and emotional changes that sport produces, forget to focus on performing the exercises correctly. At this point it is necessary to remember that quality is more important than quantity.

Although among the most common injuries can be mentioned in the wrists, ankles or knees, the truth is that they can occur in the head, neck and back, so the severity can increase. Recovery time will depend on the type of injury, so it can be days, months, and even years.

Although these injuries can occur in all areas, spaces, and with any type of exercise, at this time when the virtual activities became more common and many people chose to play sports via video call, special care must be taken with positions and movements to avoid any injury or muscle discomfort.

Whatever the cause, logically it is always It is necessary to make a medical consultation and do not minimize it since a bad blow or movement can cause great consequences in short or long periods, such as the immobility of a particular muscle.

How to avoid injury?

While there is no rule of thumb that is guaranteed to avoid injury, there are some tips to keep in mind that can help.

In principle, it does not matter if you will only exercise for one hour and only once or if it will be done continuously, you always have to keep in mind that a bad movement can harm the body.

That is why it is recommended to carry out any type of sports activity supervised by a professional that he is controlling the movements and thus, before any mistake, to be able to correct them.

On the other hand, it is necessary to carry out a warm up, prior to performing the sport and stretching at the end, without exception. Many times this tends to be a bit lazy, especially if you are only going to ride a bike or rollerblades, for example. No matter what the activity is, anything that involves extra movement for the body can lead to injury, so nothing will hurt.

Likewise, if you want to do a sport for a particular purpose, such as losing weight, a good advice is always choose physical activity based on the conditions of each one and the routines. For this, a personal training or professional, even a doctor, can advise correctly.

Doing physical activity supervised by a professional is one of the ways to avoid injuries.

What is physical activity like after recovering from an injury and why?

Now, if the injury has already been suffered, it is likely that you have wondered how to act.

Of course, either because of a bad movement or because the injury has already been diagnosed, the important thing is always to be supervised by a doctor or specialist. However, there are some tips that can help.

In principle, if the activity is being carried out and there is very severe pain or some unusual discomfort, the movement should be stopped immediately. Better to exercise less that day than to regret it later.

Yes swelling, color change, fracture, or muscle numbness occurs, logically it should be seen by a health professional.

In case it is somewhat milder, ice, rest and even compression of the area is usually recommended to relieve pain through bandaging and elevating the injured area if possible, such as when it occurs in an arm or a leg.

Surely, those who suffered some kind of injury have wondered "What exercises should be done after recovering from an injury" or "What activities are not recommended after a sports injury".

Everything will depend on the degree of complication, the type of routine that the person has and each particular case, but a specialist will be able to advise on what exercises to do after an injury, in case it is possible since, in many occasions, people can exercise the rest of the body that is not injured.

A very important part after an injury and fundamental is to carry out a good rehabilitation, so that the injured party can re-educate themselves and regain the strength they have lost.

Upon medical discharge, when returning to activity it will be necessary to take into account the warm-up and the final elongation. And, in case of doing some contact sport, using double protection in the injured area will provide greater security.

The important thing will be to give the body the time it requires and know how to listen to it. Do not strain for the simple fact of wanting to return to routines.

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If you wonder What exercises are not recommended after an injury? As mentioned before, everything will depend on each particular case, but surely those that require weight overload should be avoided.

Perform basic, weightless, low-impact exercises, as if it were your first time training, you are thinking like a beginner again. Many people get frustrated with this, but it is common that it is not possible to return to the level that was prior to the injury from one day to the next. You have to give your body time and arm yourself with patience.

Also Strengthening exercises will help recovery and add little by little weight. Of course take into account that if you feel a minimum discomfort, the weight is not adequate and you must lose it.

Improve the balance of the body, training leg strength, which are those that maintain the balance of the entire body will be essential.

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And you, did you have any injuries? What exercises would you add?

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