These are the 5 keys to taking care of your hair from the sun, the beach and the pool

Summer 2022: The summer season is one of the most anticipated by most people. The trident beach, pool and sun is an irresistible combo for anyone. However, these vacations are not only about skin care, but it is also necessary to protect your hair.

And it is that summer 2022 it is not only important to worry about the place where you will vacation, but also about body care. Taking care of skin and hair is important to be able to fully enjoy the chosen destination, without the negative effects of the sun’s rays.

With rising temperatures, this summer 2022 people are concerned about the effects of the sun and how to take care of themselves. Not only the skin that is a matter of every day, but also the hair, especially those subjects who have it long.

Due to the fact that temperatures are increasing, as a result of global warming and the damage of the ozone layer, the sun can cause various damages in all people. Because, the hair in this summer 2022 begins to be brittle and have a dull and dry appearancein addition to power cause damage to the scalp.

Although year after year the awareness about the care of UV rays is increasing in terms of body and facial sun protection, the truth is that many times the hair is on one side and, with the summer and the hours of beach and pool, it is really unprotected.

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Therefore, in the following article we will give you some tips so you can take care of your hair in this summer 2022 and do not remain unprotected in the most dangerous time, not only because of the sun but also because of the chlorine in the pools and the sand on the beach.

Summer 2022: hair care tips

Before talking about hair care in this summer 2022, it is necessary to know that dermatologists and specialists recommend not exposing yourself too much to the sun and maintaining certain care due to the increase in temperatures due to climate change and the hole in the ozone layer.

That is why, beyond the proper care for the hair, we must not forget the skin. Although more and more people use sunscreen, not everyone uses the right factor. That is why it is essential to consult a medical specialist to find out which screen is indicated, although it is advisable to use at least factor 30.

To the protective body cream it will be necessary to add a facial screen, with a minimum of factor 50, although it will depend on each type of skin. What if it is necessary not to forget about its use every day and not only on vacation.

In addition, beyond the use of sunscreen it is key avoid sun exposure during midday hours. Currently the time slot indicated for avoid the sun is 11 to 16 hours, which will decrease skin lesions and will reduce the risk of developing cancer, as well as wrinkles and premature aging.

The almost mandatory use of umbrellas or some type of shade, as well as the use of hats and caps to avoid direct exposure to the skin, will be key in this summer of 2022, in which the sun’s rays seem to be stronger than ever for the reasons detailed. previously.

Now, taking into account the above information, we will see some tips to be able to look healthy and strong hair this summer 2022. Following, the 5 most general and important hair care tips for this season.

1. Sunscreen for hair

Yes, just as you read it. Just as you have to take care of your skin with adequate sun protection, you also have to do it with your hair. Although in the first case mentioned, people are becoming more informed and use sunscreens, the truth is that hair protectors are little used, to the point that many people did not even know of their existence.

Regarding capillary sun protection There are both creams and sprays that cover the hair from UV rays and, at the same time, nourish the hair in such a way that people achieve a 2×1, especially at a time when dryness is the protagonist in the hair.

For its application, it will be necessary to take into account that its use can be repeated as many times as necessary, especially if it has recently come out of the sea or the pool. The product style should be chosen according to each person’s hair type, so that it does not leave a greasy appearance due to nutrition overload.

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2. Rinse when leaving the water

In this summer 2022 One of the greatest satisfactions is, after being exposed to the sun and doing outdoor activities, getting into the pool or the sea. The downside of this is that both the chlorine like salt accumulate in the hair, deteriorating it even more.

To avoid this, Once you get out of the sea or the pool, it will be key to rinse your hair with drinking water to remove any traces of salt or chemical products.

If after this you can brushing your hair will be a plus that will collaborate with its health.

3. Use nourishing and moisturizing products to wash your hair

All year round, but especially in summer, helping the hair to be nourished is key. that’s what it’s for extremely important to use nutritious products such as shampoo and conditioners after days at the beach or pool.

What’s more, After leaving the sea and rinsing the hair as advised in the previous step, you can also add a nourishing cream to comb along with sunscreen after brushing. 

Even after the bath, you can apply a nourishing mask and let it act for a few minutes so that it gives your hair more shine and strength.

Of course, as already mentioned, this will depend on the type of hair of each one, that is, if it is dry, mixed or oily.

4. Hairstyles for the beach

Although many people enjoy wearing their hair loose and in the wind in the summerespecially on beaches and swimming pools, the truth is that It is preferable to have a hairstyle that involves tied hair to prevent it from getting tangled anddamage it at the time of brushing. 

Thus, the favorites of this summer 2022 are the braids, in its different and diverse options, as well as those collected. This not only It will prevent tangled hair but it will also be very comfortable so you can move around and do outdoor activities without getting bothered by hair on your face. 

Of course, if you want to give it a bit of style, you can add accessories such as bows, scarves or pigtails. scrunchies.

5. Wear a hat

Beyond capillary sun protection, nourishing masks and hairstyles, It is also important that if you are going to expose yourself at times when the sun’s rays are even stronger, such as at noon, you use hats, caps or scarves that work as a barrier between the UV rays and the scalp, to prevent it from being damaged or burned. the skin.

Logically, there are many more tips that you can take into account such as go to the hairdresser before going on vacation in order to arrive at this summer 2022 with cut ends and avoid dry and brittle hair.

Also, if possible, It is recommended to avoid tinctures during this time of the year, which in themselves already generate some dry. Avoid chemicals and ammonia in summer it makes it easier for your hair to stay nourished.

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And you, how do you take care of your skin and hair during the summer? What other tips would you add to this list?

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