These are the 4 best exercises to reduce the waist

The waist is one of the areas of the body where more fat accumulates, and is one of the parts that give us more when we have gained a few extra kilos.

As a result, it is one of the regions in which some are more concentrated when trying to lose weight. To achieve this, there are some specialized exercises what we can do and what is proven to be very effective.

These four of the best exercises to lose fat in the waist.

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Cardiovascular exersise

While they are not specifically made to lose fat in the waist, cardiovascular exercises are excellent for eliminating fat throughout the body and will accelerate the process of burning extra kilos in the abdomen. Doing 30 to 45 minutes of this type of activity on a regular basis will help you burn fat quickly.

Some aerobic exercises are: jogging, elliptical cycling, exercise or cycling, rowing, aerobic classes such as zumba or step. Choose the activity that you like the most!

Abdominal bicycle

Place yourself face up on a mat or mat, raise your legs by flexing them at a 90º angle and place your hands behind the nape of the neck. In this position, raise the torso and try to reach the right elbow with the left knee and then the reverse. Make 15 repetitions (one repetition is to do the exercise with both arms) and then you can rest.

Make three sets of 15, four times a week.

Abdominal scissors

Lie on your side on the mat, holding your head with the palm of your hand and resting your elbow on the floor. The upper leg should rise as high as possible. When reaching the maximum point, lower it slowly, but without touching the other leg. Do three sets of 15, four times a week.


The squats are excellent for exercising the back and abdomen. You can perform traditional squats, but ideally dumbbells, to add an additional weight that you exercise more.

The first thing you should know is that the back should be straight at all times. Stand up with your legs apart and a little flexed. Hold the dumbbells, one in each hand. Then, slowly lower towards the ground, making strength with the muscles of the legs. You have to imagine that you sit in a chair. Go back up slowly.

Ideally, perform three sets of 15 repetitions, four times a week, to feel the effects.

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The exercises should be accompanied by a healthy diet that suits your needs. Ideally, seek professional help, but informing yourself on the best ways to eat healthy is also crucial.

It is a joint effort that takes time and work, but the results in your body, your health and your energy level are worth it.

Will you try the exercises? Tell us!