These are some of the benefits of making origami figures

He origami it is the art of making figures and objects using nothing but paper. The practice consists of folding it without using glue or scissors until you get a small sculpture. This Japanese art that has been practiced for thousands of years is a pleasant and entertaining activity, and doing it has many emotional and cognitive benefits for those who do it.

Recommended for both children and older adults, do origami it can be a time of relaxation and entertainment for anyone. Considering the current situation, where we spend a lot of time at home and most of our day is spent around a screen, it can be a great activity for disconnect and have a moment dedicated to creating something with our own hands.

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Benefits of practicing origami

It's relaxing

It is an ideal activity to get away from the screens and have a quiet moment in our routine. Losing yourself between the creases and the imagination, apart from stimulating creativity, helps to reduce anxiety and stress levels.

Improve coordination

Practicing origami favors coordination and motor skills, which is why it is an activity highly recommended in children and older adults. It is also used in motor rehabilitation and occupational therapy.

It is an ideal activity for patients who have difficulty moving their hands, or who need to improve their fine motor skills (movements that require precision) and hand-eye coordination.

Promotes attention span

Practicing origami supposes the development of patterns and sequences in our brain, as well as the development of the sense of order when practicing the construction of sequences.

Activate memory

By trying to preview the figures and remembering the images and steps to follow, we favor the development of a good short-term memory. In that sense, practicing origami is also ideal for those who need to strengthen their memory or visual attention.

Strengthens self-esteem

By practicing origami we work on self-esteem, introspection and communication with others. Practice is a moment of calm and concentration that will allow us to work on patience and perseverance.

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Do you want to start? here are some tips

– Clear your desk and get comfortable to work on a smooth, hard and tidy surface.

– Get a paper that is easy to fold, light and not very hard, so you can easily handle it.

– Don't jump into a complicated shape on the first day, start with simple pieces to practice bending before moving on to a more complex one.

– Pay close attention to the folds. Be as exact as possible when folding the paper as the final result will depend on it.

– Be patient! Practice and experience are the way to success.