There is a place in Madrid where they tell you which cocktail best matches your dosha or inner strength

L. CASE Tuesday, April 5, 2022, 09:48

Some of us have always felt that the bloody mary, for example, was the cocktail that represented us 100% as people. It happens to others with the white russian or with the classic old fashioned. But now we have a spiritual compass that guides our palates and contributes to the balance of the four elements that make us up: soul, mind, emotions and body. The key is in the Benares Indian haute cuisine restaurant.

The new cocktail menu, designed by bartenders Nathaly Bustamante and Rodolfo Lamanna, responds to the three doshas or ‘bioenergies’ that make us up according to traditional Indian medicine: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each person contains all three within, but in a different and unique proportion.

How is the Vata nature person and what is his cocktail?

The vata dosha represents the union of air and space. It is the movement, the dry, cold, clear and light energy. They are sensitive and creative people.

In Benares they recommend drinks like the goblin (Bombay Sapphire, fine wine, lemon, citronella and cardamom bitters), or kashi (mezcal, lillet blanc, pickled keffir lime cordial herbal liqueur and lime).

El Duente cocktail from the new menu of the Benares Indian haute cuisine restaurant / courtesy of benares

What is the Pitta dosha like and what is your ideal cocktail?

In Pitta water and fire converge, with predominance of the latter. Pitta people are methodical and ambitious, with a strong character and a good appetite. What can you find on the cocktail menu?

A delicious and appetizing Margarita, but with last name: Masala. This proposal has Arette tequila, Yellow Chartreausse, hot mix (based on two types of orange) and lime. also a promising Mango Madness, which mixes Dewar’s White Label, Laphroraig 10, mango chutney, Cointreau and lime. How does it sound to you?

The Perfect Cocktails for Kaphas

The Kapha dosha mixes water and earth and corresponds to the reflective, patient and loyal character. Its energy is stable, wet and cold. For them, for example, the unforgettable ImliPairing: Stolichnaya vodka, electric flower liqueur -if you haven’t tried it, it’s quite an experience-, tamarind and lime shrub.

All these cocktails and the rest that make up the menu can be enjoyed while dining, on its beautiful interior terrace and also in the local bar spacewhere, by the way, they serve them at any time of the day.