There is a magic drink that speeds up the metabolism (and is the favorite of the Kardashian)

That breakfast is the most important meal of the day It is not new. The Kardashian sisters are the first to share their beauty tricks, especially when they have something to do with losing weight.

Kim is one of the champions of psoriasis remedies, a disease she suffers and shares with her followers, telling what remedies she uses to calm her or cover her up.

Now it was Kourtney, the oldest of the sisters who shared what her favorite drink for breakfast For many reasons. The first? That speeds up the metabolism.


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It is a landlord, matcha tea accompanied by almond milk. The difference with traditional tea? That when mixed with milk, it is sweeter, tastier and is a perfect breakfast that activates you inside. Therefore, it is the preferred choice of Kourtney and his sisters.

The recipe is very simple and he has shared it through his lifestyle platform 'Poosh'. You only need three ingredients: the milk of your choice, in this case, almonds. Matcha tea and agave syrup to sweeten.

Voilà! A nutritious and savory breakfast that helps you keep your figure intact thanks to the properties of matcha tea.

We already have new breakfast for tomorrow morning.

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