There is a low cost menstrual cup (and we know where you can buy it)

The menstrual cup it does not do anything other than grow in popularity, of that there is no doubt. And it is that, the gynecologists agree that it is the best option, since it does not have chemicals like other feminine hygiene products and it is also respectful with the environment, since it is reusable and can last between ten and fifteen years if It remains in good condition.

There are even designs that allow maintaining relations with the cup, however, they are quite high in price. As well, Mercadona has taken a menstrual cup that costs only 9 euros, is available in two sizes M and L, and although the official supermarket account has not yet announced its distribution, the account of @ mercadona.novedades, that warns users of the new products that can be found in their stores, has uploaded a photograph in which you can see the product.

The only downside? That is only available in Valencia, but most likely it reaches a number of supermarkets.

What do you think?

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