There is a kitchen utensil at Ikea that will make you eat healthier (and with fewer calories)

The mothers already said it, steam, bain-marie and oven they are qualities that few have. Throwing anything into a frying pan brimming with oil is not only a pleasure for any taste bud worth its salt, but also a sacrilege to healthy living that is hard to forgive. Not because the oil is bad (although you must bear in mind that the only thing that passes the Carlos Ríos filter is extra virgin olive oil) but because of the calories and fat that cooking with large quantities entails. A cooked broccoli is not the same as a fried one. The same goes for asparagus. Potatoes … endless foods that gain handsomely when we put a little EVOO into the equation.


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However, and to favor the path of our arteries, we know that it is not a healthy option and that it will always be better to cook with little oil, in the oven and steamed than to fry. To make life easier for us, Ikea has a tool that will finish off mushy, limp broccoli without adding a drop of oil. It is a stainless steel steamer that will make your life easier. And heals.

Is called KLOCKREN, (Easy to pronounce, huh?) Costs only 4 euros and it promises to be the kitchen utensil you use the most from today. You can do everything: vegetables, greens … even steamed gyozas, getting rid of extra fat and taking advantage of the fact that you will cook with fewer calories.

The best of all is that the handle does not heat up, it is tulip shaped so it fits perfectly and the investment is super small if we take into account that you will eat healthier, the taste of the food will be intact and they will not lose any juiciness. when steaming. What do you think? Order to cart in 3, 2, 1 …

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